Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


13. 13. Do you still love me?

Callie's POV

I woke up to Allie crying again, the cries came from downstairs. I quickly got up and went downstairs to her, when I was walking down the stairs she started to come down. When I got downstairs in the living room I saw Louis rocking Allie back and forth in his hands, he was singing the same lullaby I would always sing to her. He didn't notice me, so I just went upstairs quietly. I sank down in my bed, I couldn't sleep. I just kept staring at the roof, I decided to pass the time by watching TV. I turned it on and the One Direction interview was on, I decided to watch. It just started, so I didn't miss anything.

"So where is Louis and Harry?" The interviewer asked.

"They weren't feeling too well, so they're staying at home. Very sorry for the fans who want to see them, but they will be performing soon! We hope..." Liam says.

"Oh, well hope they feel much better. I actually wanted to talk to Louis about his relationship with Callie, do you guys think you can answer some of the questions?" She asks.

"Sure, go ahead. Ask them." Zayn says.

"How did he meet Callie?" She asks.

"Well after the X Factor, everyone went to stay at Harry's house. And they met there." Niall said.

"Oh, this you might not know. It's kind of a personal question, but can I still ask it." She asks.

"Sure go ahead, we'll answer if we know." Liam says smiling at her.

"Can you describe their first kiss?" She asks. 

"Well, it was when we weren't on tour. And it was in a tree. That's all we know, we were looking for them and found them there." Niall says.

"Aw, isn't that cute fans?" She says out to the crowd.

"Well, other than them. Does anyone else have girlfriends in the band?" She asks.

"No, not yet at least..." Zayn says.

"Well that's it for now, we'll be right back after the break!" The interviewer announces.

I don't wanna watch any more, so I turned off the TV. and sat up on the bed. I decided to write a poem, I liked writing poems. It always takes away my fear, or sadness, or sometime guilt. 

So there's this boy,
And the way he laughs
Makes me smile
The way he talks
Gives me butterflies
Just about everything about him
It makes me happy
And that's why I love him

I then started another one, that would be more about the way I always felt about Louis,

When I first saw you,
I was afraid to meet you,
When I first met you,
I was afraid to hold you,
When I held you,
I was afraid to kiss you,
When I first kissed you,
I was afraid to love you,
Now that I love you,
I'm afraid to loose you,
Now that I lost you,
I want you to know,
I still love you. 
I Love You Louis.

I made one last one,

Tell Me

Tell me about your day
Tell me about your dreams
Tell me about the girl you adore
The one who smiles but walks away

Tell me your greatest fears
Tell me your biggest secrets
Tell me your most cherished moments
The ones that light your darkest days

Tell me why things didn't work out
Tell me why things always get in the way
Tell me why it stops you cold
Tell me I'm the one you can't let go

Tell me I'm the one you want to hold 
Tell me I'm the one you need
But most of all
Tell me you love me


Harry's POV

"So now do you understand Lou?" I explained what Callie had told me to Louis, he seems to be happy to hear it.

"I feel so stupid now, do you think she'll forgive me?" He asked me.

"If she cried her eyes out last night locked up in the bathroom, just because of you. I think she will take you back. Now come on, let's go talk to her." I say.

"Is she even awake yet?" He asks.

"It's twelve o'clock, what do you think?" I say. He nods and we both get up and go to her room. Louis had to stay in my room last night, and Allie would not stop crying! When we got in her room she was still asleep, surprisingly. She probably didn't get any sleep when she was with Chad. She had her poem book on her chest and a stained tear by her eye. 

"See, I told you she missed you." I say to Louis.

"Okay, and how does this prove that she did?" He says.

"She only uses her poem book when she's sad, she probably wrote a poem about you. Read it," I say. He agrees and picks up the book and starts to read the three poems she wrote, "By the way, ever single word in her poems are true." I add.

"Harry, read the second one. The last line," He says giving me the book. I read it, 'I Love You Louis.' I read the other two also, "See, she still loves you, but do you still love her?" I ask.

"I'll talk to her when she wakes up," He says. "By the way, she wouldn't mind if I read this right?"

"I don't know, she lets me read it. I don't think she'll mind if you did. But she freaks out when she can't find it." I reply.

"Oh, well then. I shall leave it here and ask her then." He replies. He puts the book back exactly how it was and we left and went downstairs, we have to go perform tonight at 8, about a couple hours left to stay home.

A/N: I actually have another hobby of writing love poems. I write about nature too. The ones in the stories were inspired by some I found online, so I took some and re wrote them. Hope you like them :)


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