Book 2: Forever Yours

***I would like to thank Alicel98 for creating the name of this book, thank you so much! xx***
New baby is born into the Tomlinson family, what happens when Chad comes back and tortures Callie even more? Making Louis jealous? Making CalLou, split?

Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


12. 12. Love or Hate

Callie's POV

When we reached home we were met by a very angry group of boys, such known as 3/5 of one direction. Liam, Niall and Zayn looked pissed, I don't what their problem is.

"Do you know what we went through, because of you two!?" Liam starts. "We had to sit through mindless interviews without you guys, making up lies about why you weren't here. We had to perform without you, do you know how hard it is finding songs where neither of you has a solo in it? Other than that we had to be lectured by Paul or Simon, sometimes both! For three days, do you ever listen!?" He finishes.

"Oh piss off Liam!" Louis says storming out of the room. 

"What's Lou's problem?" Zayn asks.

I put Allie down on the little couch we had in the room, she wasn't awake so no crying. "This is all my fault," I say looking down.

"What are you talking about Callie?" Niall asks me.

"I'm gonna go talk to Louis," I say walking away. 

I go upstairs and go into our bedroom, "Louis? Can we talk?" I ask him.

"Talk about what?" He says coming next to me. "We have nothing to talk about, I saw you and Chad. I thought you hated him. But you cheated on me with him, and you were smiling, you were laughing, you were blushing and you even said you loved him.."

"Louis, just let me explain--"

"No, don't explain anything. Callie I think we should just break up." His words hurt like knives.

The tears start to build up in my eyes, "But--" 

"But nothing Callie, we're done." He says walking out of the room. I grab his hand and stop him, "Please, just let me explain." I beg. 

"I think I've seen what you want to explain," He says. HE then leaves and I sink into my bed and cry.

Harry's POV

Louis came back in the room, but without Callie. He didn't look too happy, "Lou what happened between you and Callie?" Niall asks.

"Nothing happened, just-- just leave me alone." He says.

"You didn't break up with her did you?" I ask.

"Why would he break up with her? And why now of all times?" Zayn asks.

"Louis, please tell me you didn't." I say.

"I did," He replies bluntly.

"Louis! You din't even know if Chad put her up to that, what's your problem?" I reply.

"He can't make her happy, now can he Harry?" He asks. 

I rush upstairs to her room and see her crying on the bed, "Callie, what happened?" I say sitting next to her.

"He-he b-broke up with m-me, y-you saw w-hat was o-an the camera t-too r-right?" She says looking at me with blood shot eyes.

"Yeah, did you actually cheat on him? Or did Chad set you up to do that?" I ask her.

"Chad said t-that the o-only w-way h-he w-would let me g-go, is i-if I m-made Lou-Louis jealous. S-so I h-had to a-act like I a-actu-actually l-liked h-him. O-or, he-he would kill you g-guys." She says in between sobs. "S-so I had no-no other choice."

I've never seen her this sad, Louis must mean a lot to her. I put my arm around her and hugged her close while she cried into my chest, "Did you tell Louis that?" I ask.

"H-he wouldn't l-let m-me ex-ex-explain." She replies.

"Come on, let's go talk to him." I say getting up.

"No, he doesn't want to listen to me." She says.

"I'll be with you," I reply. She shakes her head 'no.'

"Come on Cal, if he knows the reason he would take you back." I say. 

"Okay," she gives in and stand up. We walk downstairs and see the rest of the boys, Louis' crying and the rest of the boys are trying to comfort him. Liam comes up to Callie and I, "He put you up to this right?" He asks. Callie then breaks down in tears and runs back upstairs, "Callie, wait!" I say running behind her. When I go up in her room she wasn't there, I saw the light in the bathroom was on. I go by the door and knock, "Callie, you in here?" 

"Go away," She says. I hope she doesn't turn into one of those girls who cut themselves when a boy breaks up with them. 

"Callie, let me in." I tried to open the door, but it was closed, she locked it.

"I said go away!" She says again.

"Callie, you know I won't give up." I sigh.

"Well you can just stay there forever,!" She says.

"Callie please," I beg.

This time she doesn't reply.

Callie's POV

Ugh! Stupid annoying Harry, why can't he just let me be. I get it he's trying to help me. But I want to be alone now, I don't wanna stay in here though. If the door had a lock I would stay in the room, but whoever the hell made this house had a wise idea that there were no need for locks on the door. I know Harry wouldn't give up, so why not make my self comfy in here.

After a while it grew quiet, I slowly opened the bathroom door and Harry was gone. Thank god! I went over to my bed and tucked myself in, I fell asleep right after.

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