One Night Stand {Harry Styles Fanfic} Editing!

Emily Carson, a normal 19yr old living in London. Having a wonderful life as an actress.. One night at her brothers birthday party she seems to meet a certain curly hair man (SPOILER HARRY STYLES). They end up hooking up with some unexpected issues. Will the two fall in love or fall down as the truth comes clean.


2. The Next Morning

The Next morning I woke up not having any memory of last night. "SHIT!" I screamed in my head. My head was pounding like a drum. How much did I drink. I got out of bed unaware that I was not fully clothed. Fuck! what happened last night? I turn around to look at the other side of the bed. I saw a curly haired man. Oh great, I slept with someone... I look towards the clock and notice that its 9:30am. Fuck I'm going to be late for work.

I try to grab all my clothes, trying not to wake up the man. Damn where's my dress? I check around the room and I find it in the most unlikely of places. Underneath the mans pillow. I walk over to his pillow and try to carefully remove my dress from under his pillow. As I am moving my dress, he slightly moves towards my direction. His head is now laying on my hand. Great, now how am I going to move without waking you up. I try to move my hand while tugging my dress. After a good minute I got my hand and dress free.

I put my dress on and left the nice beautiful apartment. It took me about five minutes to find my way home. Okay ready for the walk of shame...  I walk up to my apartment door and slowly open my front door. I was hoping no one was home to see me still in the same dress I was in the night before. "Oh well, well, well. What do we have here?" Anna asks curiously with a smirk on her face. I froze.

"I-uh,well you see- I kinda got a little-oh wait! I have to get to work! We'll talk later hun" i stammered. her grin faded. like a 'I-Want-To-Know-The-Horny-Details!' i frowned along with her "sorry, i need to change and get to work before i get yelled at by my boss Alison." I scrambled to grab some clothes. i decided on wearing a a long sleeve plain white shirt, some long khaki jeans and some brown flats on (I was to lazy to dress up) I practically ran to the washroom to put my hair up in a quick messy high bun,and clipped my bangs back. i took one last look in the mirror to see if i needed anything else. 'nah' I grabbed my purse and my phone and quickly said goodbye to Anna.

I'm almost a hour late! ah! i needed a plan to reason why i was late. aha! 'COFFEE! I'll just buy Alison some coffee and say the line was long, hmm if memory serves her favorite coffee is..a frappuccino!' i parked my car on the side of the street and quickly order her a frappuccino and myself a decaf small coffee "that will be $7.00 mam'm" I grabbed my wallet and payed the man. then rushed to my car. i FINALLY got to my work place and pushed past the thousands (what it felt like) people and found Alison "EMILY EXPLAIN WHY YOUR A HOUR AND A HALF LATE YOUNG LADY!" 

"sorry mam'm it was my brothers birthday and I decided to get your a warm cup of coffee" I said calmly. she gave my a glare. 

"thank you." she said coldly. ouch that hurt, hey at least i tried. "so what are we shooting today?" (im in a soap opera called 'Everlasting')

"well today Marry, my niece is going to be added to the show shes going to be your long lost sister and your going to hate her because she took your dad which you wanted to take when your parents divorced and some special guests will be watching you shoot, is that to hard?" she spat the last part. 

"n-no mam'm" I love acting I really do, but when your boss is a cold hearted bitch it's a little hard. 

then a very pretty brown haired shoulder length girl walks to us "Hi my names Cara i'm going to be Mary for the show." i smiled and shaked her hand . Alison cleared her throat, and she turned around "Auntie Alison!" she she shrieked and ran into a bear hug with Alison. All of a sudden Alison SMILED. Thats a new. "Okay girls,lets get shootin'" she said. All three of us walked to our prop/shooting area and got into positions, when five boys walked in from the side door. No,No,NO! I saw the boy, HARRY."so girls here are our special guest the boys of One Direction!" I tried not to get seduced by his sexy eyes. I just sipped my coffee and turned the other way "Emily?" i heard him say and turn me around to fast and my coffee splated all over me! "AH! THAT BURNS!" I yelled 

"i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm soo sorry!" he kept repeating. 

"FUCK!" I screamed. 

"whats going on here," Alison started "Emily you TWAT! you cant even keep coffee in a cup! i'm so sorry shes an idiot Mr.Styles i'll take care of this kults!" she spat at me but spoke softly to Harry. how can my day get any better.






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