One Night Stand {Harry Styles Fanfic} Editing!

Emily Carson, a normal 19yr old living in London. Having a wonderful life as an actress.. One night at her brothers birthday party she seems to meet a certain curly hair man (SPOILER HARRY STYLES). They end up hooking up with some unexpected issues. Will the two fall in love or fall down as the truth comes clean.


6. The Date Part 2!!

*Maya wrote this b*tches!*

Harry and I walked back to our table and we ate our delicious food!

"Harry this is delicious! I've never had something this good before!" I exclaim as we walk out of the restaurant.

"Its one of my favorites! I go here with the lads sometime!" He answers.

This has been the best date I've had since my ex and I were together. Its great to meet a nice guy like him.

"Emily, there is one last place I want to take you.. Hopefully you'll like it!"

"Okay! Can't wait! I'm super curious!"

*Text to Anna<3: Girl I didn't blow my date! This has been amazing! Harry is way better than Tyler!"

We both hop into his black BMW and beam off to some to Harry's surprise destination.

"Harry can I open my eyes yet?" I ask curiously.

"Nope not yet.." He says opening the door grabbing my hand leading me out of the car.

I can't really describe where we are.. Gosh my eyes are ready to open...

"Can I open my eyes now?!" I ask eagerly.

"Wait.... Now you can!" Harry says excitedly

Harry lets go of my hand and I open my eyes.

"Oh my gosh Harry!" I open my eyes to see we're at a park. He walked me over to a slightly lit up tree by the lake. We sat down under the tree on a stone bench.

"Are you surprised?" he asked wondering

"Hell yeah I am! I didn't know you were so romantic.!"

"I do have that romantic side! Louis helped me a bit throughout the years!" He chuckles.

"Also I have something for you!" He adds. He pulls out a rose from his coat pocket.

"That's so cute Harry! That's the perfect rose!"

*Text to Anna: "Gurrl he is so romantic! Perfect guy!"

The rest of the night we danced and sang around the park never wanting the night to end. Just a beautiful moonlit night, not caring about anything in the world. Around 11am he drops me off at my apartment.

"Meet me tomorrow at my flat like at 10am!" Harry says with a wink

I knew what he meant by the wink. How could I refuse?

"Of course!" Winking back. Gahh this was the best date ever!

"Goodnight Emily." kissing me

"Goodnight Haz" closing my door.

*Yeah this chapter sucks! :P SORRY! IVE BEEN BUSY!! OKIE GOODNIGHT! BTW mrs.stylenson is writing the next chapter!*

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