One Night Stand {Harry Styles Fanfic} Editing!

Emily Carson, a normal 19yr old living in London. Having a wonderful life as an actress.. One night at her brothers birthday party she seems to meet a certain curly hair man (SPOILER HARRY STYLES). They end up hooking up with some unexpected issues. Will the two fall in love or fall down as the truth comes clean.


17. Listen?

Emily's pov-


"Mummy can me have ice cream please?" Asked little Darcy,

"Of course sweetie just after you finish your mac and cheese" I told her. We were at a restaurant, Tomorrow were're heading back to Sweden. I wiped my lips as I finished my smoked  shrimp and steak. I smiled as Darcy missed her mouth and the mac and cheese fell into her bowl. 

"Mummy me need help!" She pouted,

"Okay honey, I'll help you just hold tight" I scooted towards her and fed her till her bowl was clean. 

"All done!'' She squealed.

"Yup! All done!" I replied,

"This seat taken?'' Asked a deep british accent, I turned around to see, Guess who.

"Actually it isn't because were're about to leave.. Wai-"

"Can you just shut the hell up and listen"

"Listen to what? Your fake feelings for me, How your're 'Sorry' That you left me. You know HARRY I don't care I really don't, Because what I felt for you has been long gone, and your not getting it back. You kicked me out, Because I was drunk and you knew it! You took advantage of me and got me pregnant, NOW I have a child, which I need no help to raise excuse me." I took my wallet and slammed my money on the table I strolled Darcy out. 

"Why did Mummy yell at daddy?"

"Oh Baby i'll tell you when your older is that okay?"

"Okay but I is no BABY! Now Mummy can we have ice cream?" She asked again.
"Sure lets go." I smiled as she laid her head back, After 15 minutes of walking We stopped at a ice cream shop called "salt and straw (Real place O:)' And I ordered some cookies and cream, and Darcy got vanilla. 

"Emily?" This time the voice was a thick Irish voice. 

"Yes Niall" I didn't turn my back,

"Listen we need you back,"

"Niall I'm going to Sweden that's THAT.

"Can you shut the fuck up and listen!"

"Niall if you haven't noticed there is a 3 year old child in here she doesn't need to hear your colorful langues!'' I sat down again and sighed,

"I-I can't"

"Please? We Need You..The boys miss you so much we really need that sparkling smile, PLEASE" I couldn't resist, 

"Fine." I gritted through my teeth,

"M-Mummy who is that man" She pointed to Niall and he smiled.

"I'm your uncle Niall, Call me Uncle Ni okay sweetie?" He said, She smiled and clapped her hands grabbing her ice cream and started eating.

(Hey guys sorry it's short, I moved to America! To Portland,Oregon Because my anutie needs us..anywho i'm happy I made it im in a hotel till the people bring the stuff to my new home! anywho I dont have much time bye guys love you lots! ~MRS.STYLENSON)




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