One Night Stand {Harry Styles Fanfic} Editing!

Emily Carson, a normal 19yr old living in London. Having a wonderful life as an actress.. One night at her brothers birthday party she seems to meet a certain curly hair man (SPOILER HARRY STYLES). They end up hooking up with some unexpected issues. Will the two fall in love or fall down as the truth comes clean.


8. And The Sparks Flew

*Sorry y'all I got grounded, so I couldn't write a new chapter... I'm back now! YAY! ~Maya*

Harry picked us up around midnight to take us to is flat.. "Your boss is such a bitch! She never told you that you were meeting today!" Anna snarls. She never told me any of this! I swear she just wanted me gone, she's hated me since day one. I have no clue why. "I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one banana." I say..

"Thank you Harry for doing this, especially since I've only known you for two days. We just don't have any place to go -" I add. "Plus since our parents-" Anna interrupts. *slaps Anna's leg* "OUCH! What was that for?!" Her face stared at me with anger. I look her straight in the eye and shake my head. She knows exactly what I mean.

"It's my pleasure! I get two lovely ladies in my house!" He flirtatiously says giving me a wink. I can't help but laugh. 

We pull up to a nice condominium where its pretty fancy.He laughed as me and Anna gawked at the BEAUTIFUL place. 
It was around 2 a.m when everything was pushed into my room/Anna's room/Our bathroom. 
"I just want to thank you so much Harry for everything! Please Tell us if you need us to change anything about us, But mostly Anna! (XP I'm that mean) Well goodnight Har-" He cut me off by his warm plump lips lightly but passionately kissed. Instantly I kissed back the feeling of the sparks flew all over my body and goosebumps appeared on my body. I smiled and when the time to breathe came we seperated.

"Night" He replied  


Next day I woke up too the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
"food" I mumbled. I dragged myself too the bathroom, brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. My hair was sticking out in one direction ( I had to i'm sorry ~ Mrs.Stylenson) which was the way My head laid. I took my hairband off and redid my pony tail (5 minutes later when I changed and headed to the dining room) I smiled to all the boys sitting and eating, Anna was next to a blond headed one, watching him as he ate furiously, I smiled "Hi" Was all I said to get their attention.

"Hello!" They all chirped. I took a seat by Harry.
"You hungry?" Asked  one with black hair and a quiff. I smiled and nodded, and he got up and handed me a plate.
"Thanks, Oh btw whats your names?"

"Oh Yeah, I'm Liam"
"I'm Zayn"
"I'm Louis"
"I'm Niall"
"I'm Harry"

"And we are One Direction!" They all said in sync. Anna and me smiled and looked down and went on eating.
*A Few Hours Later*

I Headed to the bathroom expecting the worse, My Period. I sat down and did my business, When I wiped, No blood. Hmm... That's not normal, My period is never late, Like NEVER LATE. I'll give it a while to kick in later, lets just hope the dreaded (Yet prayed for) blood will show up. I finished my business, and found the boys watching T.V while Niall's arm was around Anna. I smiled and sat by Harry, Not for long before my phone rang. I headed to the kitchen.


"Hey Emily..'' The voice I really didn't want to hear said.

"What do you want dad?!?!" I spat into the phone. 

"Emily please.." He begged.


"Please just leave me alone dad, I'm going through a tough time, I'm Just Please DONT CALL ME!" I whisper yelled. I didn't want anyone to hear me,

"Hey Hey Please just hear me out.. Your mum, she um. I'm sorry she passed away." I started tearing up. As much as I hated my parents for kicking me out to raise Anna, They still mean a lot to me.

"When is the funeral." My now shaky voice said. 

"Next week" With that he hung up. I got on my knee's and started to break down crying. Shes. Gone.


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