23 Cannons: The 69th Annual Hunger Games.

24 tributes are reaped by the Capitol to enter the 69th Hunger Games, marking the end of the sixth decade of Games. And as they all prepare for the fight of their lives, none of them know the true extent of the twists that will face them in the arena. With rebels, liars, and killers thrown into a deadly arena governed by power-mad Gamemaker, who will live to hear every one of the twenty three cannons sound out?


40. Heads Up

"Attention, tributes, attention."

The voice of head Gamemaker Dew suddenly rang out across the arena, capturing the attention of the remaining three tributes. However, her voice could barely be heard over the roar of the fire that was drawing ever closer.

"Now, I must offer my most sincere of apologies for the slight technical hitch - my deepest gratitude to Markus Lucian for fixing that little problem. However, just because you have fixed the issue doesn't mean you're getting a reprieve. As a punishment for attempting such a stunt, we will not stop the fire that is rapidly approaching you. A hovercraft is waiting on standby to pick up the potential victor, but if none surfaces, then the flames will take all of you, and there will be no victor. You have four minutes. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour."

Dixie stood for a moment in pure horror. She was looking up at the sky, staring at the cloud of smoke. It was incredibly low, and in the distance Dixie saw it touching down on the higher hills. But that paled in comparison to what was coming from the east. The wall of flame was now rushing across the plain, eating at everything in its path. She knew it would be pointless to try and estimate how long they had left: it was clear that Dew's calculations were correct. They had a little over four minutes to decide upon a victor. Dixie looked across, and saw Kylee beginning to walk through the rocks. Reaching her would take around two minutes. But then, Dixie's eyes rested on Markus, who was still stood over Alexis' body. He had single handedly dismantled the entire escape plan. He had killed all of her friends. And now, the head Gamemaker herself was praising him. Dixie felt sick to her stomach. She glanced at Kylee for just a moment, and felt the same revulsion. Kylee had taken out all of Dixie's original allies without a second thought, almost killing her in the process. And then, at this moment, Dixie knew that neither of them could win. She had to make sure of that.

A sudden rush of hot wind hit Dixie's face as she ran forwards, returning to the collection of large rocks. She gripped her spear firmly in her hands as her boots pounded against the dirt floor. She tasted smoke in her lungs, and began to cough, but soon controlled herself. She couldn't afford to waste any time being affected by the fumes. They had a matter of minutes before the flames reached the rocks, and took them all out. And even though it would take out Kylee and Markus as well, Dixie knew that she couldn't die in this arena. To do that would be to make everything Alexis had worked for be in vain. And that was not an option. No way in hell was it an option. Dixie had to win. She had to get out. She had to live.

The whip rested in Dixie's belt as she slowed down, leaning against a rock. She looked beyond the rock, and saw Markus still standing over Alexis' body, not caring at all. Rage boiled inside her, but Dixie forced herself to remain calm. Losing her cool would mean certain death; Alexis was unfortunately testament to that. Dixie took a deep breath, fighting back tears. Only now was it beginning to sink in: her friends were all dead. But she couldn't afford to mourn just yet: that would come once she was out, which would be in around three minutes.

Suddenly, an arrow flew by, missing Dixie by mere inches. She leaped back to see Markus walking up towards her, armed with both the sword and crossbow.
"Well, if it isn't Harker's unfinished business," he said with a chuckle. "Decided to avenge your little friend there? You know, there was never a hope in hell of you guys actually getting out." Dixie remained silent, glaring at Markus. He was like a vicious wild creature; to provoke him at the wrong time would be to invite death itself.
"Go shove your sword up your ass," Dixie spat. Markus' grin just widened, but he wasn't attacking just yet. That would come in a few seconds when he would come to realise that they had two minutes, forty eight seconds to go until the fire caught up with them and roasted them alive. Absently, Dixie realised that all the bodies would be incinerated, leaving nothing to return back to the families in the districts. For the briefest of moments, Dixie imagined Alexis' father watching his own daughter's corpse become roasted into oblivion. Pure hatred seethed through her veins as she looked at Markus. He had pointlessly murdered Alexis; with the escape plan, everyone could have escaped. But now, as two of the final three tributes sized each other up, Dixie realised that nearly everything Alexis had done was for naught. The Capitol was going to have their victor, and the Games would continue. It was all Markus' fault.
"Cheer up, Semming," Markus said. "You've only got a couple of minutes left; do you really want to die with a frown?"
"I'm not going to be dying here, Markus," Dixie said. She gripped her spear tighter. "You are. And so is that murderous bitch Kylee."
"How confident!" Markus exclaimed. "You know, that kind of false hope is endearing as hell." He then lifted his crossbow. "Good to know it'll be the last thing you feel." Markus then pressed the trigger, and an arrow fired out of the weapon.

But Dixie was faster than the psychopath had expected, and she had ducked out of the way at the last minute. And then, she rushed at Markus, spear in one hand, whip in the other. She flicked the whip with all her strength, catching Markus on the wrist. He yelled in pain, and dropped the crossbow to the floor, staggering back. Dixie didn't miss a beat, and jumped on the weapon, crushing it beyond repair. Once satisfied with her work, Dixie gripped her spear, and faced Markus.
"Not so tough without your magical crossbow, are you?" Dixie taunted. She flashed a cocky grin at Markus, whose eyes had turned dark with what could only be described as a hellish rage. He gripped at the edges of his sword, and then let out a yell of pure fury. Dixie's eyes widened, and her heart began to hammer in her chest as Markus rushed at her. She leaped towards a rock, scrambling up as Markus blindly swung. Dixie shakily stood up at the top of the rock, watching as Markus also began to climb. She then looked beyond Markus, and saw that she had dropped her whip on the ground when she destroyed the crossbow. She cursed aloud. This curse soon turned into a scream as Markus grabbed onto her foot with all his strength, sending waves of agony through Dixie's leg as she was pulled off the rock. She fell towards the ground, crashing into Markus as she did so, and the two ended up in a heap on the floor.

Dixie, being propelled by pure terror, scrambled to her feet, and held onto her spear as Markus stood up. She backed away as Markus walked towards her, holding his sword that was caked in the blood of her allies. Dixie then backed up against a rock, trapped as Markus drew closer.
"You know," Markus said. "I was expecting you to go quietly like your other allies did. Oh well, it's no big deal if you scream a little." Dixie watched in horror as Markus raised his sword, and swung it down. She ducked, and heard as the sword struck the rock. She wasted no time in leaping to her feet, delivering a powerful punch to Markus' jaw. He reeled in pain, but as he did so, he swung his sword, catching Dixie's forearm. She screamed out loud as blood trickled from the wound, but still held onto her spear. However, Markus did not stop, and instead returned to trying to slice at Dixie.

She leaped out of the way of Markus' blows, and caught sight of the cloud of smoke. It was nearly enough to make her drop to her knees then and there. The cloud was now maybe fifty feet from them, if that. It would be on them in a couple of minutes. Dixie then dared to glance to the east. The wall of fire was now rapidly speeding across the plain, and had just reached where the houses once stood, swallowing the remains of the buildings in a blaze of death. She then realised that she had lost sight of Kylee, but knew that right now Markus was her priority. Dixie glanced back at Markus, and let out a yelp of terror as he lunged at her. She tried to move out of the way, but was too slow as Markus pinned her against the surface of the rock. It was incredibly hot to the touch, Dixie realised. And then, as she looked at Markus' eyes, which were glazed over with rage, Dixie realised that she was most likely going to die here. Markus raised his sword, and swung it down towards Dixie's temple.

It all happened in an instant. Dixie ducked out of the way of the sword, and then gripped onto her spear with all her strength, lifting it up. Markus' eyes widened in surprise as Dixie glared at Markus with pure rage. And then, she thrust the spear upwards, impaling Markus in the stomach. He convulsed several times, dropping the swords to the floor. She rammed the spear in harder. Blood dribbled from his mouth. And then, Dixie pulled out, leaving Markus standing there for just a moment, before he toppled backwards in a pool of blood, his blank eyes devoid of life.


Markus was dead. The monster had been slain. Dixie breathed heavily, her heart hammering at a hundred miles an hour. The realisation came to her with ease: there was only one other tribute left alive in the arena besides herself. She had to find Kylee, and she had to end it. She had to get out. She had to live.

Dixie backed away from Markus' corpse, and began to run, weaving through the rocks as they came up. The fire was now close enough for a powerful rush of hot air to reach her, and Dixie began to back away as she saw the flames lap up the first of the rocks. Above her, the smoke was hanging from the ground at the same height that the houses were. The end was coming. She had wasted too much time in taking out Markus.

Dixie turned away from the fire, and began to run in the opposite direction, looking around for any signs of movement. Where had Kylee gone? She couldn't have disappeared; that would be suicide. And Dixie knew that Kylee had a powerful sense of self-preservation, so she wouldn't be waiting around for Dixie to find her. The air was getting hotter and thicker. She was finding it harder to breathe. The smoke was hurting her eyes. Yet there was still no sign of Kylee. Panic began to well up inside Dixie. Was this how it was all going to end? Being consumed by the flames, coming so close to living, only to have it snatched from her at the last moment?

She shook these thoughts from her head as she continued to sprint forwards. She passed Xander's body, but in her panic, did not look down. She passed the rock that Rose's corpse leaned against, but again Dixie did not look at this. Her only thought was to find Kylee before it was too late. She had to find her. There was no other option.

Dixie reached the area where the bodies of Alexis and Markus were, and almost screamed in despair. She wasn't going to find Kylee in time. They were both going to die. There weren't going to be any survivors. Tears dripped down Dixie's face as this realisation hit her like a ton of bricks. But then, a noise reached Dixie's ears, and she whipped her head around.

"Long time, no see," Kylee said. She was leaning against a rock opposite from Dixie, holding her scythe in on hand.
"Kylee," Dixie said in a choked voice. She took a step forward.
"Nu-uh," Kylee said. "We don't have the time to fight, Dixie: take one look east for just a moment." Dixie did so, and saw the flames tearing through the rocks. She couldn't see it, but Xander's body had just been incinerated.
"How long do we have left?" Dixie asked, clutching her spear.
"Less than a minute now," Kylee said. She was oddly calm for the situation. "Basically, we have just enough time to make one move to decide the victor." A dry laugh came from Kylee. "And here's the best part: I don't know which of us it's going to be."
"What do you mean?" Dixie asked. Adrenaline was pounding through every vein as the fire drew closer and closer. The smoke had lowered by a further six feet. They had fifty one seconds to go.
"Look," Kylee said. She opened her other hand, and revealed a single coin in it.
"You're not..." Dixie said.
"I am," Kylee replied. "One flip will determine who lives, and who dies. You in?"
"Uh," Dixie said, but hesitated. Could she trust Kylee with this? The temperature suddenly spiked upwards, and the air became even thicker as the first wisps of smoke drifted to the ground. She had no choice now. This was it. "I guess so."
"Okay then," Kylee said, still oddly calm. "Heads or tails?"
"Tails," Dixie responded without a beat. "So what happens exactly?"
"I flip the coin," Kylee said. "And whoever's side it lands on gets to win. The loser must let the winner kill them, no hesitations. Got it?"
"Got it," Dixie said. She nodded, gripping her spear, knowing that if it landed tails, she would have a matter of seconds to take Kylee out.
"Hey, it's kind of funny, you know?" Kylee said. "You and me, being the final two. It's almost bringing a sense of closure to our long-lasting conflict, you know."
"I know," Dixie said. "Just hurry up and flip the damn coin, Kylee."
"All right then," Kylee said. "Let's do this."

Kylee then flicked her hand, and the coin flew up in the air. Time seemed to slow down as Dixie watched the coin flip in the air. As she watched it descend to the ground, Kylee gripped her scythe, and before the coin had even hit the floor, she had rushed up to Dixie. The girl from 9 had just enough time for her face to contort into one of horror and betrayal before Kylee plunged her scythe into Dixie's throat. The coin hit the floor as Dixie began to convulse violently. Kylee pulled the scythe out, and pushed Dixie to the ground. She remained twitching for around three more seconds before Kylee slammed the scythe into her temple, ending the life of Dixie Semming. The fire was around twenty seconds from consuming the two of them.


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!" The voice of Claudius Templesmith suddenly sounded out, barely heard over the sound of the roaring flames. "May I present to you the victor of the sixty ninth annual Hunger Games: Kylee Harker of District Two!"

Before Kylee could react, she was suddenly being lifted into the air by the beam of the hovercraft. Her scythe fell to the floor, landing on Dixie's body. She continued to look down, and just before she vanished into the hovercraft, she saw the coin laying on the ground, and smiled.

It had landed on heads.

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