You ever think that a word like sex could change a life? Bet you didn't.. So why can a small word make people change or ruin or hurt or make people happy. Think about it sex can make a family or be a job. But why make yourself go through something that can be fake or just to make money? I guess that is the question I ask myself everyday. As I go to work I pass by all these things that are great jobs and just something I wish I could see my self doing. But as for right now I am stuck dancing on a pole and making men and women happy.. But am I happy? The money is great but the job it self is dirty and I'm not just talking about the pole. I think it all started when I got pregeant at the age of 16 once that happened my mom kicked me out... I had to find my way. Then I found you this lovely diary that will hold all my stories


2. Why

Dear diary,
Day two work has been getting better still dirty but I mean the money is great I almost have enough money to get my own house. That would be amazing. I hate having to live in this apartment with these men. All they do is ask me to get them coke or meth or weed or other shit. The big guy his name is Calvin he works with a building company but on the side he is one of the biggest drug dealers here in my town. He always comes into my work well then again he is part owner. So he changed all the rules in my work today. He made it so that us girls have to go to a hotel with a man that bids high for us. Oh yeah he now wants people to bid on us. So we have to dance and then after we all dance we have to get bid on. And who ever doesn't get picked goes in the VIP room and gets gang banged. Yeah that's my work. Yeah I just got home from this hotel where this married man wanted to do anal and he a blowjob I couldn't say no. He was paying me huge. 5,000 dollars just for that. So we did it. This guy was the type of guy that had a wife that was too up tight and wouldn't even touch his balls or the tip of his dick. She would only want clean sex. But what can you do. I guess that's it. Until tomorrow.
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