I Want

Here are the lyrics to this 1D song!


1. Lyrics

Give you this, give you that

Blow a kiss, take it back

If I look inside your brain

I would find lots of things

Clothes, shoes, diamond rings

Stuff that's driving me insane

You could be preoccupied

Different date every night

You just got to say the word

Your not into them at all

You just want materials

I should know because I heard

When girls say..


I want, I want, I want

But that's crazy

I want, I want, I want

And that's not me

I want, I want, I want

To be loved by you

You got everything you need

But you want accessories

Got to hold it in your hand

If I changed the world for you

I bet you wouldn't you wouldn't have a clue

Don't you know that I can't stand

When girls say


And now the girls say


Be loved by you

I wanna, I stay true

I wanna , if you knew

What you put me through

But you want, you want, you want me to love you too


And all the girls say


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