Every Girls Dream

My name is Jackelynn, I am a dancer. I live in Seattle, but I hope to move to London to pursue my dream of being a professional dancer. What happens when I meet a certain curly haired boy. Will I give everything up for the people that I love.


1. Introducing Jackelynn

My name is Jackelynn. I live in Seattle, Washington. I have 2 sisters named Lexi and Mia and a brother named Niall. That's right you heard me I am the famous Niall Horans sister. My parents couldn't take care of me because they already had Niall and he was such hard work. So now I live in Seattle with my step sisters Lexi and Mia. I have ocean blue eyes and blonde hair that has red at the ends. I am not that popular, I only have 3 friends, Erin, Ashli and Daniele. Here is my story.

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