Loving Large. (1D)

Sneaking into a concert, with persons she hates. She sneaks into a One Direction concert, and walks into one of the boys. She gets caught, and she is screwed left alone by her so called friends. She has no where to live anymore after her friends left. She is probably done in this world, that is how she is feeling. Darcy Wellington, alone and terrified.


1. Pilot.

Thief, liar, whore.

Is that what I am, I made a choice to run away from home.

I found a safe place, and now people are calling me that.

My name is Darcy Wellington.

I am from Wolver Hampton, and I was a rich kid.

My parents.. they are addicted to violence, alcohol and.. things.

I was never happy, I am here in London.

Happy, sad, confused. In love.

Is that what it feels like to be loved, I sure hope so!

Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn.

My Heroes. Thank you for saving me.

Now. Goodbye. Heaven is waiting, for a fallen Angel. Me!

-Darcy Wellington.

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