Loving Large. (1D)

Sneaking into a concert, with persons she hates. She sneaks into a One Direction concert, and walks into one of the boys. She gets caught, and she is screwed left alone by her so called friends. She has no where to live anymore after her friends left. She is probably done in this world, that is how she is feeling. Darcy Wellington, alone and terrified.


2. Fucked, or saved?


"Come on Dary! We have to get in. Now!" Shelly said, the door was closing. I stopped it from closing, I opened and Shelly, Damien, Kevin and Ducia ran in. I was the last one. We ran into the building, and the others disappeared. I freaked out. Where the fuck are they. "Shelly!" I yelled in a whisper. "Hey who are you!" someone said. I turned around and saw a curly haired boy. "Fuck!" I said, and started jumping over the seats. "Hey stop!" he screamed. I was too fast, I was trained to do this, I was a thief and liar. "LIAM GET HER!!" he screamed, I saw another guy, and changed my direction. I was to fast. "RUN DARCY!" Damien yelled.

I was jumping jacks. I was literally pissing my pants. I have never in my life ran as fast as I this. I felt someone grabbing me. I screamed and kicked and hit out in the air. "Paul.. Great job!" Someone yelled. I was afraid. I saw the others leave, I was left alone. "LET GO!" I screamed. "No missy, ain't gonna work that way." he said. He carried me to a room in the back, where the boys I saw where. "Let me go!" I said, and hit him in the stomach, he lost his grab and I took the run. But right then someone slammed the door so I ran into it. Right then I started cursing. I lied there on the floor, feeling blood streaming out from my nose. I was not going to cry. The big man grabbed me, and put me on the couch. "Here ya go" the blond said. "Gee.. Thanks.. Very helpful. You could be more helpful and let me leave!" I said. "No miss, the police is going to solve this." the big man said.

"What!!! No! Please not the police!" I said, getting scared now! "And why is that?" One of the boys said. "Do I look, like a perfect girl that have a family, and money? Just asking!" I said, and put the paper towel up to my nose. "No.. you don't but why did you break in here?" the one who saw me first asked. "Uhm.. jeez I don't know.. there isn't anything in here we can get money for is there!" I said. "Really.. that tone!" he said. "Yeah that tone!" I said, in a girly voice. He looked at me, with a cheeky smile. "Wiped that smile away curly!" I said. "Haah Curly!" one of the others said. "Why do you keep me here? Just asking, you won't get anything from me." I said, and wiped the rest of the blood away.

"Hey.. miss.. Be nice!" The baldy one said. "Oh... really you expect me.." Pointing at myself "To fucking behave, I broke in.. Here!" I said. He looked at me, annoyed. "Maybe we should call the police!" he said. "NO Liam.. we don't!" curly said. "Aww thank you curly!" I said. I looked at the one with the black hair, and the ZAP tattoo. "So.. I guess I have to thank you for my bloody nose!" I said. He just nodded and smiled. I gave him the middle finger. "Wow.. classy!" the blond one said. "Yeah, I like totally know! Now.. Can I leave!" I said. "No, not before you tell us why!" curly said. "Look curly, like I.." he interrupted me. "ITS HARRY!" he said, annoyed. "Oh sorry Mr. Harold!" I said. I really annoyed him.

"I am getting really pissed now!" he said. "Let her go then! Let her go back to her loser life!" he said, and went to open the door. "what the fuck did you say!" I snarled. "Loser.. Life!" I stood up, running towards him. Pauly grabbed me, but I kicked out and hit him in the balls. "Oh.. I am so sorry little Harry!" I said, and fought to get out of the grab. "Jeez you are strong" I said. I decided to stop fighting.. I have to save my energy for later, when I have to steel something. "Good girl!" one of them said. Harry was laying on the floor almost crying.. "Too bad I didn't get him to cry" I mumbled. "I really don't like your attitude any longer!" baldy said. "A girl gotta do, what a girl gotta do!" I said, and smiled a fake smile. I felt my phone buzzing. "Am I aloud to read that?" I asked. I grabbed my phone, and saw a text from Shelly. *You screwed up, your out. Find somewhere else to live, and earn you own money. If you tell. We will hurt you! -S*

I looked at the phone, and felt a weird feeling in my stomach. "W- What!" I said, with my voice breaking. "Aww not so harsh anymore!" Harry said and stood up. For the first time in four years. Tears were forming in my eyes. I could feel them running down my cheeks. I had to go back to my parents. I had to go back, to the beating. The slavery. The.. near deaths. "C.. Can I leave now!" I asked, with my voice shaking. "I have to get back to my loser life, go back to.." I swallowed the spit that was coming faster now. "To.. to getting the beats everyday.. Only because you kept me here." I said. Paul removed his arms, and I started walking out the door. Tears streaming down my cheeks. *Didn't tell. Are on my way out. Tell the others goodbye.. D:I* I looked to my left and saw a garbage can. I dumped the phone in it, and leaned up the wall. I was sliding down, trying to get my tears to stop running. It didn't help.

I heard the buzzing but ignored it. I was done. Or to say death.. I was fighting to stand up, but I just couldn't. I was broken, for the first time in four years. Broken. "Hey.. Did she say beat?" I heard an Irish accent. "She did, didn't she?" Harry said. "Go stop her!" the one that laughed said. I got the strength to get up. I started walking, but my knees got the best of me. I fell to the floor. Fighting to get up, but I could barely breath. I got on my knees, breathing heavily. I was.. I was back to my old me. It scared me. "Hey.. Where did she go!" one of the boys said. "Find her!" Harry said. I really didn't want to go back. "There!" Paul said. Harry came running over to me. "We are not letting you go back there!" he said, and lifted me up, and carried me back to the room. "Let me go!" I whispered. I was out of everything.

"Nope.. not letting you go!" he said, and put me on the couch. He sat down, after he lifted my head and placed it on his lap. "I am sorry, how I reacted." he said. "And.. I don't really know if I am sorry about kicking you in the balls!" I said, and smiled a weak smile. He laughed a little. I felt safe.. Weird actually. He just got my blood boiling and now I felt safe.. "Sorry I got your nose to bleed. I am Zayn!" blackie said. "Its alright. I would have done the same thing. "Still mad at you, for that attitude. But I am Liam!" he said, and smiled. "Had to get it" I said. "Hi.. I'm Niall, the Irish one!" he said. It made me laugh a bit. "I am Louis! The leader!" he said, I looked weird at him.. "I would have thought Liam was the leader!" I said. He looked shocked at me.

"What did you mean, with beat? Who is beating you?" Paul asked. "Uhm.. I ran away from home, almost four years ago. They was beating me, every time they were drunk. So.. all day. They also used me as a waiter. So I joined that gang.. Thief gang. I had nowhere else to go, and it was my only choice. When I came to London from Wolver Hampton I was dying.. Not a lie. I walked all the way, without food or anything. I thought.. Hey down here, I could sell myself.. And become rich.. Never did it though. I was too scared. Then I met S.. She helped me" I said. "Wait.. Your name is Darcy.. Darcy Willington?" Liam said. "No Darcy Wellington!" I said, annoyed.. Then it hit me, he knew me. "Wait.. how do you know my name!" I asked freaking out, and got up in a sitting position. "Its me Liam.. Liam Payne.. We went to the same school." he said. "Oh.. god? The guy everyone called chubby.." I asked. I could see I hit a weak spot. "Sorry.. never called you that?" I mumbled and continued "I once hit a boy in the face, for talking about you like that.. He cried for hours.. Never told?" I said. "That was you! Awesome.. I mean.. That was very wrong!" he said. It made me laugh. "Yeah.. Look at you know.. hey? What are you even doing?" I asked. "I am in a world famous band, with these guys!" he said.

I looked at them.. trying to remember anything, a poster, magazine.. cover? "ONE DIRECTION!" I yelled. "Yup" Niall said. "Awesome.. where was I.. look at you now, on the top of the world.. While they are still studying!" I said, feeling all high. "Yeah.. but they were wrong about you!" he said a little sad. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Everyone said, that you were going to be something big! Because of your parents. I see you chose differently" he said. "I never really had a choice!" I said, and smiled. I knew he was trying to be kind. "Its okay Liam, I choose it myself. I decided to run away. It was my path and oath to myself!" I said. He smiled. "Well, we are done here! Lets just get home and relax!" Harry said. "Yeah.. I have to find someplace to sleep.. Nice to meet you again Payne! Even the name says that they were wrong!" I said, and was about to leave.

"Where exactly do you think you are going?" Harry asked. "What do you mean?" I asked again. "You already have a place to stay.. we didn't drag you back in here, to let you go sleep on the street!" he said. "NO.. No I just can't live with one of you! That is just wrong!" I protested. He laughed and ignored my words. "Lets go home, you are living with me! Until we get you back on foot!" he said. Now I was annoyed. "No HARRY! I will not accept that!" I snarled. He laughed and grabbed my hand. WTF.. "Harry... something.. Let go, of me or i'll scream!" I threatened. He just laughed. "I hate you!" I said. Then he stopped laughing. "Not funny" he said. "Sorry" I mumbled. Why do he take that so.. so close.. it was just a joke. 

"It was just a joke.. Harry I didn't mean it?" I said. "Okay.. Its fine, don't you worry. Its just not easy when someone says I hate you, when they don't even know you." he said. We were heading out the back door now, with the other boys after us. "Come on, we are taking that car!" he said and pointed. I look at a black minivan. "What? Seriously.. can we fit in there all of us?!" I asked. "Yeah.. you will just have to sit on my lab." he said and smiled goofy. No. I. Am. Not!

Okay.. apparently I was. Harry and I were sitting at the door, Niall by our site. Liam on the seat in front of us with Zayn. And Louis next to Niall. "But.. there is a seat next to Zayn.. why cant I sit there!" I said and frowned. "Because I need someone to hold my lab warm!" Harry said, and smiled. "You are a Bi.." Liam gave me a look, and cleared his throat. "I was going to say.. uhm... Bee?" I said and made a funny face. The boys just laughed. "Hey, were home now." Harry said. "I am free!!! From the lab, because, I am not allowed to go anywhere!" I mumbled. Harry opened the door and pushed me out.. Should I go for it, run away.. He was to slow to catch me, or.. maybe not. He got out, and took a bag in the trunk, and smiled at me. "Ready to go up?" he asked. I felt a little scared. "Sure.." I said, with a very little voice. "See ya boys!" I said, and smiled.

They waved and Harry closed the door. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the building. He pulled me to the elevator, and pressed the 8th floor. What the hell he is living high. We were standing there, in a awkward silence, really no one said anything. The elevator stopped, and he walked out in a hallway. I just followed him, slowly. I was not really up for this, he was a stranger, I know Liam says good for him. But I really don't know! He took out his keys, and stopped by 8H funny, when his name is Harry. He opened the door, and made a gesture for me to go in. I smiled weakly, and walked in to.. paradise! A big living room, with two chairs and a glass table. A flat screen TV. Really big. The kitchen was one of those talking kitchens. You could stand in the kitchen and still talk with them in the living room. I walked in and saw the bedrooms. One big one with a totally big bed. I walked past that and saw a smaller, the bed was a little smaller too. I walked longer down the hall and saw the bathroom. Jacuzzi! Oh my god! I am in heaven! The bathroom was giant. Really, I had never seen such a big bathroom.

"Harry, this is huge! I can't believe it!" I said. I was starstruck. He was sitting in the couch, nearly asleep. I walked over there and poked him. "Harry.. go to bed!" I said. He opened his eyes, and looked at me, smiling. "Hey beautiful!" he whispered. "Go to bed.. Now!" I said. He stood up, and went into his room, I followed him and took a t-shirt and some sweat pants. He was already in his bed. Undressed. I looked a little to much.. Staring actually. I saw his good six-pack. But walked out fast. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. I stripped out of my clothes, and found the washing machine. I threw in my clothes, and started it. Clean clothes. Nice. I walked into the shower and it was nice, I never had the opportunity to take showers. Only once a week. I stood there for a long time, and washed my hair some times. It felt so good. When I got out. My clothes was finished I threw it in the dryer in stead, and dried my body. I also dried my hair, and took on the clothes.

I stopped in front in the mirror and was in shock. The girl I saw there, was beautiful. Her long dark brown hair, and my long lashes. I was in a trance when I saw my green eyes, a dark circle around the color and light green in the middle. It made a weird pattern. I found a comb and combed my hair, then I walked into the couch and went to sleep. "Am I fucked, or saved."


I made a new story, I am publishing this chapter, but just to see if you like it. If not I will not write more, I am finishing Breathing Hard, Pain Easy. Before I continue with this.


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