More than friends

Friend forever taking their life to a new level and finding the love of their life that they deserve.


2. Back Home

"come on y/n wake up!" Lottie said shaking me "Louis is coming home soon!! Go get ready!" she says. Lottie knew how I felt about Louis so did his mom and pretty much everyone except him. "okay okay I'm up" I say pulling the blankets off me "we have to leave in a hour!" she said leaving the room "alright!" I say I go into the shower first and than dry my hair when I get out I walk out of the bathroom to see clothes already picked out from me Lottie I thought she had picked out (the picture above) it was cute so I get dressed and make my hair wavy. I put on a little bit of makeup I remember Louis said I looked pretty without make up cause I used to wear to much now I use just the right amount. I head down stairs and I'm greater by daisy and phoebe they both give me hugs "come on we have to get Louis" they both said "okay let me just go get mom so we can go!" I say with excitement "Johannah" I Yell "I'm coming!" she said coming down the stairs "alight let's go!" she says and we all get into her car me and her up front and Lottie, Felicite, phoebe and daisy in the back. I was getting butterflies in my stomach I wanted to see Louis so badly! Than we pulled up to the airport we all walked in together to wait for Louis than they said the flight arrived and I was watching for him to walk out of the terminal but I didn't see him than I got a tap on the shoulder "excuse me love" I turn to see who it was "Louis!" I practically scream and I hug him "I've missed you so much!" I say "I've missed you too" he said back.
Louis part
I saw y/n standing looking for me she was as beautiful as ever i didnt realize how much i missed her on tour i was beyond happy to see her again. I go up to her and tap her shoulder when she sees it's me she hugs me I squeeze her tightly "can't breathe" She said and I pull away and I see my mom and sisters my sisters all run up to me and give me hugs and my mom does the same.


Louis talks to his mom and sisters the entire ride home it was great to have him back as I couldn't wait to hang out with him like old times.
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