More than friends

Friend forever taking their life to a new level and finding the love of their life that they deserve.


1. The beginning

Louis is my best friend in the entire world! My life hasn't been the easiest in the world I've always been bullied and my dad used to abuse me until he died my mom left when I was younger an my dad always blamed me for it. Louis was my only friend growing up he was always trying to get me to go out and do stuff when he found out that my dad way beating me he wanted to go to the police but I told him not I was to scared that he would beat me if he found out so Louis said fine. Louis' mom had been more like my mom than just another adult in my life when I was with them I felt like they were my family. Since Louis left for a tour after becoming a band with Niall Liam Zayn and Harry called one direction I've been staying at Louis' house since I had no where else to go. But I missed Louis and I wanted him to come back home...I loved him he was more than my best friend and I wanted him to be mine but I never dared to ask how he felt I didn't want to ruin out friendship. Louis was coming back soon and I couldn't wait! I missed him so much we're never really able to talk to each other when he was on tour he was always so busy but every once in a while I would get a text from him to see how I was.the only other person I could trust in my life was my best friend Stephanie she was like a sister to me but she was in the states for a year.
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