Afraid to fall

Lucy is your typical girl next door, until she meets her idol and falls in love. She gets the chance of a lifetime but makes Harry Styles prove to her that he really loves her. What will Harry do to prove his love? Will it last?


1. Meeting the player

I awake in my bedroom and look out the window, it's going to be another cold day in London! I drag myself out of bed and into the shower trying my best to wake up properly. I'm not a morning person, especially in the winter, and if I had my way I would be Tweeting all day instead of studying and working in the coffee shop a few blocks away from my apartment. I am currently studying art and drama in uni and I work part time to pay for rent and food. My parents are paying for my studies but I refuse for them to pay my rent as well, it just doesn't feel right. I run shampoo through my red hair as I try to awake. I can tell today is not going to be my day when I slip as I get out of the shower. I may be 18 but that doesn't make me any less of a klutz and in my job that is not a very good thing. I giggle to myself as I remember just last week when I spilled tea all over an old man. I dry my hair and dress into I walk out of my bedroom and into the kitchen to grab my wallet and slip it along with my cellphone into my coat pocket. I'm running late so I decide to pay the crazy amount for a taxi to the uni. All my classes are long and boring if you don't like art, but if you like art then all my classes are magical. After class I decide to walk to work since it isn't that far but unfortunately there was a little delay and I ended up late, again. "Lucy" I turn to face my boss. She was once a beautiful woman and all those traces of beauty still lay in her wrinkly face. She's well in her 60's but still active as anyone my age! "I know I'm late and I'm really sorry" I give her my best apology face I can manage . "I was only going to say you have a nice coat." I smile at her as I slip it off and put on my apron. I walk up to one of my regular customers this time of the day, he's name is Gerald and he loves telling me about the time he was in the war. He's strongly built for a man of his age! "Good morning Gerald. What would it be today?" I give him the friendliest smile I have as I pull out my pen and notepad " Just the usual darling" I smile "One coffee and a stack of pancakes coming up" I write it down and give his order to the kitchen. The shop is really quiet today and all my tables,except for Gerald, are empty so I fill the salt and pepper pots. "Lucy" I turn to find one of the older waiters calling me "Yes?" inside of me I am worrying, thinking I did wrong somewhere "There's someone at your table." I sigh of relief "Thanks" I reply as I walk to the person who has extremely curly hair "Hello and welcome to Little Rock Coffee Shop. May I take your order?" I smile my best smile but gasp when those green eyes hit mine. I cannot believe Harry Styles is actually in this coffee shop! "Yes. I would like a cup of coffee." I smile " Anything else?" He's eyes scan me "You" I roll my eyes and walk away. He may be famous but I don't take shit!

After work it has started snowing as I walk back home. I'm really enjoying this walk when someone bumps into me "Oh I'm so sorry! I should watch where I am going" I look up from where I fell to the ground and those same green eyes hit me "Actually it's all my fault. Need a hand?" I take his hand and stand up "Thanks." I walk off leaving him standing there "Hey miss!" I sigh and turn around "Yes?" He smiles "May I have your name?" I walk over to him and shake his hand "Lucy. Pleased to meet you." He smiles that same smile that has girls all around the world screaming his name "You probably know my name since you gasped back there when you saw me in the coffee shop." I could see the twinkle of a joke in his eyes "Sorry about that. I have to head home, it's dangerous to walk in the dark" I walk off again "Lucy!" I sigh and turn around another time. "Could I escort you home?" he walks toward me "Why not?" I smile at him and we walk to my little apartment. "Well goodbye then." I say hoping he doesn't want to come in "Same place tomorrow?" I look at him, trying to figure him out "Sure" I smile to him as I disappear into my apartment building.

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