Haylor One Shot

So everyone knows about Haylor..
This is just a one-shot about the 'romance'.


1. Haylor One Shot


Haylor One Shot


Taylor stretched her arms up as she walked into the small kitchen of her hotel room. She yawned and began filling up the coffee pot as she felt arms snake around her waist. Those arms belonging to non other than Harry, of course.

Harry then began to kiss Taylor's neck and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

Taylor giggled and turned around, wrapping her arms around Harry's neck. “Good morning." she smiled.

Harry smiled and felt his heart flutter because the girl in front of him was really and truly his. “Morning, babe. What do you feel like doing today?"

Taylor shrugged, “Whatever you want. I got to choose yesterday. You can choose today." She kissed his cheek playfully.

Harry kissed the tip of her nose in return and then stood back with a thoughtful look on his face. “Well, we spent all day yesterday getting flagged down by fans and didn't get much personal time. So, something for just you and me. But, you pick. I insist." Harry began to pick out things for breakfast while Taylor thought.

"Well if you want to avoid fans we could just stay in and have a scary movie marathon all day." Taylor offered as she hopped up on the counter watching Harry.

Harry looked at her with surprise. “Really? But, you hate scary movies." He walked up to the counter and stood in between her legs. He swiped at strand of hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. “But, if that's what you wanna do that's great with me. But, we have no snacks. And everyone knows you can't watch scary movies without popcorn. So, we'd have to go get some first."

"It's a love/hate thing. I love the excitement but, well, you get the rest." She smiled and listened to Harry talk. “That's very true. We can do that." Getting some popcorn would be rather quick and easy.

Harry laughed and grabbed both of Taylor's hands. “I get it. And you only want an excuse to snuggle. All you have to do is ask, babe," he said while grabbing her bridal style off the counter. “Your wish is my command", he said while fluttering her face with kisses, starting with her eye lids and ending at her lips. Harry always was cheesy. But, it was one more reason to love him.

Taylor loved Harry's cheesy romance. It was a fresh change from her past relationships. She returned the kiss happily, her arms around Harry as he held her.

Harry smiled into the kiss and moved them to somewhere more comfortable. He sat down on their couch and with her still in his lap. They slowly kissed and after a minute, or maybe two or ten, Harry lost track of time when he was with Taylor, he broke it. He told her that he would get breakfast ready while she got ready to make a quick run to their local general store for all their snacking and scary movie marathon needs.

Taylor frowned a little when Harry broke their kiss but nodded at what he said. She gave him one last kiss before getting up and walking the short distance to the room. She changed out of her sleep wear and into black skinny jeans and a light pink shirt. She brushed her hair out and put on a dash of make up before leaving the room again. She walked out to where Harry was and leaned against the wall.

Harry was singing to himself while he was finishing up his and Taylor's pancakes. He didn't realize that Taylor was watching him while he danced around the kitchen to the song he was singing. One of his band's own songs at that. He finished up putting a smiley face on Taylor's pancake with whipped cream at the same time he finished his verse in 'What Makes You Beautiful'. “You don't know oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful. Oh oh. That's what makes you beautiful." He had a big finish and when he heard giggling behind him he turned around and jumped coming face to face with Taylor. “Oh, hey there. Did you enjoy the show", he asked with a goofy grin.

Taylor tried to hold in her laughter as she watched Harry dance around the kitchen. He was absolutely adorable. Taylor couldn't believe she got so lucky that the boy wanted her. As Harry made his big finish, giggles began escaping Taylor's lips. “I loved it." She smiled back widely before the smell of pancakes was too overwhelming to ignore. Taylor licked her lips as she approached the food, eager to eat it. She scooped a little bit of whipped cream on her finger and licked it off, still staring down at the food.

Harry watched take her plate to the kitchen table and wondered how he could have been so lucky to get his dream girl. She sat at the table just staring at him. He was lost in thought thinking that it was a true miracle that they had found one another. Taylor's clearing of her throat woke him out of his daydream.

"Are you just going to stand there staring off into space or are you going to join me?" Taylor asked once she got his attention, tilting her head to the side.

"Oh, yeah, uh sorry, babe. Just thinking about how happy I am that you love me as much as I love you". He grabbed his plate from the counter and sat across from her. She passed him some syrup and he dug into his breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, Harry ate much faster than he talked. He inhaled his food as soon as he finished fixing it to his liking. He was very picky and everything had to be perfect before he could touch it. Harry and Taylor sat in a comfortable silence for a moment or two before it was broken by Harry popped a bit of whipped cream on Taylor's nose. He laughed as she sat there feigning anger. He fought to keep the grin off his face.

Taylor ate her food quickly, but not nearly as quickly as Harry. She liked to savour the taste but also wanted to eat more and more because of how good it was. Harry was a great chef and Taylor was quite the baker. A perfect pair in her opinion. When Harry put some whipped cream on her nose, Taylor glared at him even though she wasn't actually mad, she was just playing around with him. As her revenge, Taylor scooped up a small bit of the cream and wiped it on Harry cheek. She grinned playfully at him.

Harry stared at her in surprise and with a sly grin on his face. He got up and walked off, disappearing behind the corner leading into the kitchen without a word, peaking Taylor's interest.

Taylor watched Harry walk away, a look of confusion evident on her face. She waited a second to see if he would come back right away and when he didn't Taylor got up and followed to where he wandered off to.

Harry had went into the kitchen and sprayed some whipped cream onto the counter spelling something out and waited for Taylor. If he knew her well enough she would come looking for him and find him. It was a matter of waiting, because he also knew that she was very patient.

"What are you doing?" Taylor asked with a laugh but was still very confused as she entered the kitchen and saw whipped cream all over the counter. She walked up behind harry and peaked over her shoulder to see what all the whipped cream formed into.

Harry stood back allowing Taylor to get a look at what he had written. 'I love you' was spelled out, shakily on their counter. She turned around to look at Harry with tears in her eyes. He stepped towards her and gently took her face into his hands. Getting a closer look at Harry she realized he had tears in his eyes as well. “I love you, Taylor. I really and truly do. I love you. Wow, it feels so good to say that." He stared at Taylor with an open and vulnerable look on his face. It was the first time that the word 'love' had been used between the two of them.

"I love you too, Harry. So much." Taylor replied in almost a whisper. She smiled at him widely and felt one of the tears in her eyes fall down her face before leaning forward and pressing her lips to Harry's with love and passion.

Harry wiped the tear away before Taylor crashed her lips to his. He kissed her back with everything he had in him. He breathed a sigh of relief through the kiss. He hadn't been sure if Taylor had really felt the way that he did. Obviously though, if the hands raking through his hair and the lips on his were anything to go by, then she really did love him.

Taylor intertwined her finger into Harry's thick curls as they kissed heatedly. Her heart was beating like crazy, it has been since she first saw what the whipped cream spelled out for her.

Harry was getting into the kiss and was sure that Taylor could hear his heart beating through his chest. He was sure that he cheeks were tinted pink and that his lips were bruised. But, it didn't matter to him, because he had the love of his life in his arms. He led Taylor into their bedroom and laid them down on their bed. They broke up the kiss and just lay staring at each other.

Taylor's eyes fluttered open as their kiss broke. She took a deep breath trying to even her heart and breathing as she stared at Harry. Her finger running through Harry's curls softly.

Harry stared back at her just rubbing her cheek and trying not to cry. He was so overwhelmed with emotions and a very sensitive guy, truth be told.

"I love you. I'm so lucky I have you." Taylor said to Harry honestly, her voice was quiet because she didn't want to ruin their beautiful moment by talking too loud.

You: "I love you, so so much. I can't believe you are mine.", he said just as quiet.

"I have something to tell you", he said.

"What is it?" Taylor asked curiously.

Harry was just about to say something when all that came out of his mouth was a throaty moan. Taylor stared back in confusion when it happened again. Taylor began to shake Harry but he didn't stop just staring and moaning. Taylor ran from the room and ran and ran but the room just seemed to go on. All of a sudden she heard a loud groan and the sound of someone climaxing. Taylor then woke up. She had been dreaming the whole time. Taylor sat up with a pain in her back. It came from sleeping on the floor outside of her hotel room. She had been kicked out because of the fact that Harry did not want to be in the same room as her while he was sleeping. She went to open the door when she heard the moaning start up again. She peaked into the room and it turned out that Harry was having phone sex with Louis. Harry heard Taylor gasp and proceeded to throw a book at her and left telling her that this publicity stunt was over and that she could go be a beard for someone else. “You are a ratchet hoe and Louis said that he would never let me top again if I kept up this act. Sorry, but Larry 5ever T-Swizzle. Hope Modest! paid you well. Deuces" Harry said while walking out the door into his true love's arms. Harry and Louis lived happily ever after while Taylor lived alone because guys got tired of her shit and no one would date her in fear of having a song written about them. The end!

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