Allie Baker is a 17 year old girl. She had gone through a lot in life. She meets a boy and she gets along with him very well, but all the memories from the past flood through whenever she's with him. But why? Will the past leave her? Or haunt her for life?~~~~~~~ Hope you guys like it. Before I say anything else a lot of this story is true. Not when she meets the boy but what happened in the past. I don't like playing poor me so yeah. xxAlliexx~~~~


1. Flooded Memories

"No please!! Please don't hurt them!!" I scream at the man standing in front of me. He chuckles "Aww! Trying to make me not hurt them. Hahaha You're cute" The man infront of me said laughing like this was a joke. The man walks over to my parents and puts a gun against their heads. Right when he pulled the trigger I woke up. I sat there in bed crying for what seemed like forever. The memories won't leave me. I sit there on my bed thinking of the good memeories. Like the time me and my mom went shopping for Light bulbs. That was a fail. 
    I was sitting in my room listening to Ed Sheeran. I love Ed Sheeran his music is just perfect. "ALLIE!!" My mom called from downstairs. I ran downstairs " Yes mom?" I say walking towards her. "I need to get light bulbs. Do you want to come?" My mom said dressed in her blue skinnys and a thin jacket. "Sure, I just need to get my shoes on" I said running up the stairs. I came back down and grabbed  my jacket. The whole ride to the store we listened to Ed Sheeran. We pulled up to the store and grabbed a basket. We finally hit the light bulb department and grabbed two packages of light bulbs. As my mom went to put the light bulbs into the basket they fell onto the ground and glass was everywhere. Me and my mom laughed. Once we cleaned up the glass we checked out. We got home and I ran up stairs and listened to Ed Sheeran.
*Present day*
A tear slid down my cheek remembering that moment. All those fun memories ripped away from me. All these memories left behind to eat me alive. When I think of my parents I break a part. Life for me is shit. All shit. Now I have to live with the nastiest, meanest person... My uncle.

~~~~~~~~~ Hope you guys liked this chapter. It is short I know. Please, please, please give me feedback and favorite!! It'd mean a lot!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` 

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