One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


41. This cant happen.

Emily's P.O.V
I slowly rolled over and hit Niall in the face. Niall groaned. "What was that for Emily?" I'm so sorry Ni. I rolled out of bed and padded down the hallway to the kitchen. I made some coffee and ordered so breakfast for Niall. I walked back down the hall toward the bedroom. Niall was sprawled out across the bed snoring. I giggled to myself and headed to the bathroom.  I turned on the shower. I quickly texted Eleanor telling her I was going to take a quick shower and I would head over. I took a quick shower. I brushed my teeth and pulled my wet hair into a messy bun. I opened my suitcase and started packing my bag knowing that we would be leaving when I came home. I slipped on some sweats and zipped up my hoodie. I walked out toward the kitchen. There was a cart of breakfast waiting. I rolled the cart down the hall toward our bedroom. Niall wake up love I have breakfast for you. He rolled over and looked at me. "Thank you so much babe!" He slowly got out of bed and made his way toward me. He fumbled for his wallet and handed it to me. "For your nails" Thanks Niall but I have money. "Nope you got me breakfast so we are even." I pecked him on the lips and grabbed my purse and phone and headed down the hall toward Eleanor's room. All the girls were standing there. We were waiting for you they trilled together. Lets go then. We all crammed in Eleanor's rover. We headed to Starbucks and grabbed a quick bite to eat and some coffee. We headed over to the nail design place about an hour later. I got red sparkly nails to match my shoes and dress for the Grammy's. Niall texted me and told me that we had to be back in ten or we weren't going to make it. I told the girls and we all rushed out of the nails place and to the hotel. I rushed into our hotel room and found Niall laying on the floor..... Oh no I thought this cant be happening.

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