One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


5. The big day

I woke up to my phone ringing. Hello I said not a least bit awake. Hello Love this is Harry. Hey I said what's up? Ohh I was just wondering if you knew what I look like, I don't want you wondering around the airport and not know who to look for he said Cheekly. Ohh I said well I have to get ready right know. How bout you text me a picture of you and  I will text you a picture of me. ''Okay ohh and just to warn you I am good looking!'' Harry said. " Hahah okay I will be the judge of that!" See you soon he said. I rolled out of bed and walked to my closet I pulled out my new leggings I bought yesterday. They had galaxy pattern on them! I slipped them on pulled on my new black combat boot pulled on a black sweater and headed to my bathroom.  I brushed my teeth and applied some makeup.I straightened my long light brown hair and pulled on my beanie. I packed everything up and walked over to my full length mirror. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of me. I sent it to Harry. I had about 15 more minutes till I had to head out to the airport. I decided to check my twitter. I pulled it up on my phone and saw that Harry Styles tweeted " I cant wait to meet this lovely girl that is renting out or flat! I wonder if she knows I am Harry Freakin Styles?:P" Oh my gosh I said to my self no way he has to be talking about someone else... Just then my phone pinged saying new text message. I pulled it up and sure enough it was Harry and sure enough the picture was of Harry Styles. I started freakin out. Along with the picture he sent was a text saying. "Wow Emily you are gorgeous cant wait to meet you!" Ohh my no way this is happening! I looked at the time and I had to leave or I would be late. I pulled on my coat and scarf and grabbed my bags. I walked out to the rover and loaded my stuff in. I took the keys to the flat and put them in a mailing envelope to send them to my parents. I hooped into my rover and plugged  my phone in and pulled up Pandora. I started my rover peeling out of the drive and saying goodbye. I was finally on my journey of my 2 hour car drive to the airport. I arrived at the airport and gathered everything out of the rover and turned it into the car rental place. I went through security and went through baggage check. After that I walked to Starbucks and ordered a coffee another hour before I had to board my plane. I paid for my coffee and went to got sit at a little table. I pulled out my phone from my carry on and decided to text Harry.

Me: Hey what's up Styles!
Harry: Hey you surprised love?;)
Me: Yes  very much! I never thought it would be possible!

Harry: Well believe it love;) So three your plane lands right?

Me: Yes sir listen I have to go my plane is boarding text you in a bit:)

I put my phone into my bag and threw away my coffee cup and went to go wait for my seat to be called. I sat down thinking this is gonna take forever! I didn't buy 1st class even thought I probably should have. The loud speaker sounding asking if seat 42 could please come to the desk. I looked at my ticket and just my luck it was my seat. I got up and walked over to the desk. "Are you seat 42?" Yes I said annoyed is there something wrong? "Oh no I just got a call asking to change you to 1st class." May I ask who requested I have 1st class?  "Harry Styles." Okay thank you I said smiling to myself. I walked over and boarded the plane first class. When I got to my seat I pulled out my phone and texted Harry telling him thank you! I turned of my phone stuck it in my pocket and buckled up. Finally we took off and I fell asleep. I couldn't wait to land.

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