One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


50. Shocking news

Niall's P.O.V

I cant believe I have a baby now. I looked down at Bella (This is her nickname). She looked like she belonged with us. I looked at Emily and saw how happy she was maybe it was a good decision. So when are we going to tell the guys? "Lets tell them now!" I called the guys and asked them to meet in my room in ten minutes. Emily and I cleaned up around the hotel room and dressed Bella. I told Emily to go take Bella into the back room and stay there until I call you guys out. Ten minutes later I ran to answer the door. I let all of the girls and lads in and told them to take a seat on the couch. I have very important news to tell you. Emily and I are official parents, There faces were confused. Emily come out! Emily strolled down the hall with a pink bundle in her arms. The room fell silent and everyone's face was in pure shock. Eleanor jumped out of her chair and flew over to where Emily stood. She peered inside the blanket. "Oh my she is the cutest baby in the world!" Everyone else jumped up and gathered around Emily to take a look at Bella. After everyone got there look and a chance to hold her I made everyone sit down so I could explain. I told them about the car and last night and how we made a decision to keep her. Everyone liked the idea and agreed to help watch her. Everyone left and it was only Emily ,Bella and I. Bella was asleep in my arms. I walked quietly to the bedroom and laid her down in her pen. Emily followed behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist from behind. "Isn't she perfect?" She sure is babe. I turned to face her and kissed her softly. Emily curled into bed and I grabbed my laptop and climbed in beside her. So I think we should start looking for a permanent home ,what do you think? "I think that sounds great! Then when ever you have to go and I or Bella cant come you know where we are and we have a permanent place to call home." I pulled up airport flights so we could head back soon to settle down. The end of the tour was coming and I had a couple months off so that would give us time to find a home and design it. I booked tickets for us to fly home tomorrow evening. I wonder how Bella is going to take flying? "Well sooner or later she will get use to it." So where do you want our house at? "Well babe I think it would be a good idea if we lived in England. That's where you usually are and that's where my job is." I think  that is a perfect idea! Bella then started crying. I got up and walked over to the pen and picked Bella up. I started rocking her back and forth singing to her. Not even a minute she was done crying and started smiling. I walked over and climbed into bed with Bella and headed to pack our bags for tomorrow. I got all of Bella's stuff together and packed it into a little suitcase that Danielle and Liam bought her earlier today. I packed all of Bella's extra clothing and packed her diaper bag for the airport tomorrow and her outfit for tomorrow. I took apart everything but her car seat and her pen to sleep in. I packed the rest of Emily and mine stuff so we would have sometime tomorrow to relax before our long flight home. Emily had laid Bella for bed in her pen and she was getting ready for bed. I pulled my shirt and sweats off and climbed into bed. Emily rolled in close to me and laid her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. I sang till Emily fell asleep and then slowly drifted off.

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