One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


30. Out and about

Emily's P.O.V

I woke up and I knew the boys had to go to work on their new album. I woke up Harry and Niall and told them to get ready. While they were getting ready I made some breakfast for Cara and I and also the boys. Niall gobbled his plate down and including mine and Cara's. "Sorry babe I was hungry." Don't worry we will go to Starbucks or something while we hang out today. "Okay well do you want to have movie night when I get home?" Yea sure babe I will grab a movie and food. "Okay I have to go." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me good luck. Harry and Niall left and I decided to wake Cara up. CARA WAKE UP LETS GO WE HAVE PEOPLE TO SEE AND THINGS TO DO! "Okay I'm up lets go!" I decided that I should go casual. I put my light brown locks in loose waves that fell to the middle of my back. I brushed my teeth three times to be sure they looked great. I lightly applied bronze eye shadow and some lip gloss. I pulled on some dark blue skinny jeans and some black pumps heals. I put a peachy flowy top on.. I walked out to a room and there stood Cara still in her pjs. CARA I AM GOING TO BE LATE! "Sorry she whimpered. She pulled on some black skinny jeans with one of Harry's white t-shirts. She added some chunky red heels and grabbed her purse and jacket. I grabbed a jacket and my purse and phone. I looked at my phone and saw there was a text. Niall: Hey babe Paul dropped your rover off keys are on the hook love you! xx

Me: Thanks Ni! xx Cara and I headed out to the rover and drove to Starbucks. We grabbed are coffee and headed to the modeling agency. "Do you think I could be a model?" Of course you are drop dead gorgeous! We headed in and I was greeted. They took some pictures and they signed Cara. We had along day so we decided to eat lunch. "We should invite the girls." They aren't in town or I would. We stopped and ate and chatted. We caught up on everything. After finishing lunch we headed over to some stores. We shopped for awhile. I bought a lot of clothes for Niall. I bought him jeans and shirts and shoes. "Did you buy anything for yourself?" No...  I looked over at Cara and all the bags she had were filled with clothes for her. We headed back to our car and loaded the bags in. We headed across town to the movie rental place. Cara rented a scary movie for her and Harry and loaded up on snacks. I grabbed  "The vow" I grabbed all the type of snacks you could pick. We paid for everything and headed back home. Cara went up to her and Harry's flat and I went to Niall's. I let Max back inside and he trotted around happily behind me. I cleaned up the kitchen and decided to make dinner. I cooked some chicken and vegetables. I went into our room and unpacked all our clothes. I decided to do laundry. I sorted the clothes and started the loads. I cleaned up our bedroom and put our suitcases in the closet. I went out to check on dinner and set the table. I fed Max and let him out on the balcony. I grabbed the bags by the door from shopping today and put them on our bedroom floor. My phone pinged and it was a text from Niall. Niall: Be home in ten cant wait to see you beautiful! xx I smiled and threw my phone on the counter. Soon Niall arrived. We ate our dinner and I showed Niall all the clothes I bought him. "Well you bought me everything but did you buy anything for you?"  I didn't want anything! He tickled me and kissed me. "Well tomorrow I shouldn't be at work long we can go shopping and I am going to spoil you!" Lets go watch our movie. I grabbed the snacks and movie and headed into the bedroom. We got changed into our pjs. We got snuggled into bed and indulged in our snacks. The movie ended and Niall was out. I cleaned up the mess and turned the tv off. I snuggled in bed up close to him and soon fell asleep.

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