One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


36. Frightning Emily

Niall's P.O.V

I finally woke up. It was about mid noon and I though I could use a nice relaxing bath. I rolled out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. I stripped off my boxers and slipped into the tub. I was singing trying to relax then Emily walked in. "Oh I thought you were done. Do you mind if I join you?" Not at all babe. She soon joined me and I pulled her close singing in her ear. We just sat there singing for over an hour. We finally got out and dried off. I texted Louis telling him we would be over in a little. Emily walked out of the bathroom with her wet hair in a messy bun. She pulled on some leggings and an oversized sweater. I pulled on some sweats and a t-shirt. We walked down the hall toward Louis's room. Everyone was quiet. Cara was sitting on the chair. She looked very stressed. Emily walked over to Cara. What's wrong she asked? Harry went to Taylor's house Cara whimpered. I turned to look at Emily. Her eyes were in shock. She turned around and headed toward the door. She grabbed my arm pulling me along with her. I followed after her out the door through the lobby and to my parked car. Where are we going I asked. Drive me to Taylor's house. I jumped in the drivers seat and Emily jumped into the seat next to me. It didn't take long to arrive at Taylor's. I parked the car in the drive and got out along with Emily. We walked up the stairs toward the already ajar door. Emily went in first and I followed in behind her with my hand pressed onto her back. Taylor and Harry were standing in the living room. Harry was yelling at Taylor. Why the heck would you do that to Emily!!!! She clearly has a boyfriend who treats her like a princess!!! Well aren't we a little cocky! She isn't even your girl she is Niall's! That doesn't matter I love her!!! Well Niall isn't going to appreciate that! I don't care what Niall thinks I love her with all my heart!  Well to bad Niall gets her and you don't! Harry socked Taylor right in the jaw causing him to slightly lean back. Emily looked back at me. I didn't dare to move I wanted to see what Taylor would do. Taylor spit some blood on Harry's shoe. Big mistake Harry! Taylor pulled back his fist and punched him right in the stomach! Harry lurched in and swung at Taylor. Before I or Emily could react Harry was on top of Taylor on the floor. Emily sprinted over to Harry screaming at him to stop. Emily was crying and screaming for him to stop. I pulled Emily off of Harry. Harry looked up at Emily. I have never seen him look so cold. Harry pushed Emily away. I scooped Emily up in my arms and rushed her out to the car. Emily was crying and screaming. I set her in the car and rushed back in. Harry and Taylor were still going out it. I pulled Harry off of Taylor. I got punched in the face but I didn't mind. I carried Harry out to the car and set him in the trunk. I jumped in and headed toward the hotel. Emily was still crying she was petrified. I pulled Harry out of the trunk. He was all bloody and bruised. I scooped up Emily out of the car and Harry followed up behind me. Emily looked up over my shoulder. Harry kept saying how sorry he was for scaring Emily. As soon as we walked through the door to Louis and Eleanor's room Cara was in Harry's arms crying. Emily jumped out of my arms and examined my face. I had a bloody nose and lip. She guided me over to the kitchen to clean my wounds. After finishing off me Harry walked up behind Emily. Emily can you clean me up please Harry asked her. Emily looked at me hesitantly. I urged her to go. Harry to my spot on the counter and Emily went to work on Harry. I could tell she was still afraid of Harry. After she was mostly done Cara came over and took Emily's spot. Louis ,Liam , Zayn , Perrie ,Eleanor, and Danielle walked over to me and asked me what happened, I explained everything to them. What Harry said to Taylor about how he still loved Emily. Once everyone was settled we sat down and watched "The Vow" together. Tonight was going to be a long night I thought.

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