One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


27. Cut and shock

*I forgot about poor Max the dog so I will try to incorporate him*

*I might start another fanfic about zayn*

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up in an empty bed, where the heck is Emily. I pulled my self up and walked out of our room. When I was just about to exit the door I heard a huge smash. I ran back in the room grabbed my baseball bat in my closet and sneaked out to the kitchen. There Emily stood picking up shattered pieces of glass. I dropped the baseball bat and started laughing. She jumped at the sound of my laugh. "Nialler you scared the crap out of me!" Sorry love ,but what the heck are you doing ?"I was making you breakfast until I dropped the plate and it shattered." I walked over to where she was kneeling and picked up the remaining glass. Ouch I screamed while looking at my finger. My finger started gushing blood. Emily ran over and grabbed a towel wrapping it around my finger. "Niall I think you need to go to the hospital." I looked down at my finger and I saw the cut. Yea your right will you drive me I asked. "Yes of course, but you need to put some clothes on." I got up from the floor and walked to the bedroom. I stepped into a pair of sweat pants but then quickly realized I couldn't pull them up. Emily walked over to me and gently slide my sweats up my legs and to my waist. Thanks love I answered. She walked up to me and pulled over a black tshirt. She changed out of her pjs and into some sweats and one of my sweatshirts. She grabbed her phone and the keys to the rover. She helped me in and buckled me up. "Where do I go?" I sensed in her voice that she was panicking. I looked over to her. Emily calm down. I gently placed my good hand on her knee and I felt her tension in her body slowly fade away. I told her the directions and soon enough we got there. We walked in and the took me immediately. They gave me a shot in my finger to numb it and went to work stitching it back together. They dressed it and then we headed out to the rover. Thank god you are okay she whispered in my ear. She pecked me on the cheek and helped me in. "Niall do you want to go to Nando's to get something to eat?" Sure love. We went through the drive threw and parked in a parking space. We sat there eating our now dinner and chatted. Emily told me that she had modeling to do and she wanted to see Cara. Suddenly Emily's phone pinged. She pulled it out and looked at the new text and her jaw dropped and then formed a smile. Emily what is it I questioned.

Harry's P.O.V
Cara and I woke up around evening. Holy crap our reservation is in an hour. Cara wake up I said shaking her lightly. She fluttered her eye lashes. "Morning Harry" We have to get ready our reservation is in an hour. She got out of bed and walked into the bedroom to get ready. I walked to the guest and freshened up styling my curls messy. I pulled on some black trousers and a white dress shirt and a red bow tie. I added a blazer and my airplane necklace. I grabbed my black dress shoes and headed toward our room. Cara can I come in I called from behind the door. "Yes!" I opened the door and there she stood in front of the mirror. She had a white lace fitted dress on with white little flats. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. Lets go. I intertwined my fingers with hers and headed out to the car. We drove to a fancy little restaurant.



It came to the end of our date and I decided why not ask her. I grabbed her hands and said simple, Cara you make me the happiest person ,I love being with you and I would love to have you stay with me in England. Will you be my girlfriend Cara? She looked into my eyes and happily agreed. We headed out of the restaurant and headed home. We got changed and I climbed into bed. Soon after Cara came and curled up on my chest. She started to mess with my airplane charm. I pulled the necklace from around my neck and put it around hers. She looked at it then fiddled with it. She kissed me and then she fell asleep.

Niall's P.O.V
Emily opened her mouth to answer my now pleading answer. Emily handed over her phone to me and I read the text message. Cara<3: Hey Em Harry just asked me to be his girlfriend!:) I reread the text over and over again. Are you okay with that I asked her. "Of course that means he will leave me alone and Cara has actually found some one that cares about her." Yea I guess your right.  I kissed her on the cheek and she started up the car to head home. I pulled out my phone and pulled out my phone and booked two plane tickets back home to England. I cant wait to start modeling she answered excitedly. You will be great you are absolutely gorgeous!. I took a photo of my bandaged hand and tweeted it. "The most amazing girl friend to drive me to the hospital to get my finger stitched up." Finally we headed back to my mom's house. I went and sat on the couch and switched the tv on trying to find a good channel. Emily came back after letting the dog in from being outside. Max came and ran and jumped on my lap. Emily ,Max and I soon fell asleep while watching "Beauty and the Beast." What a great way to end my day.


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