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Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


7. Christmas Eve with the Styles:)

Harry's P.O.V
We finally pulled into my mum's drive. I got out and quickly rushed over to open the door for Emily when suddenly I tripped and fell right on my butt... OUCH  I yelled out. Emily quickly got of the car and started laughing. She walked closer to me and giggled "Hazza you okay?" Yea I'm fine I said my butt just hurts now... Emily can you get my other cloths out of the back seat and our over night bags? "Our over night bags?" Yea Emily it is a tradition we always spend the night. " But I didn't pack." Don't worry love I brought an extra pair of sweats and a t-shirt." Emily walked around to the side of the car and grabbed the bags. She helped me up and we walked in hand and hand into the nice warm house. As I glanced down I saw our fingers intertwined I said to myself I want to make her mine.

Emily's P.O.V
As I helped Harry off the ground we walked into the house with our fingers intertwined. Oh I thought to myself I could get use to this. We walked in  to this huge gorgeous house. Wow I said out loud. "I know gorgeous right love?" Yes I said. "Come on let's take our bags to my room." He said cheeky. Okay I answered we walked up the stairs to his room. He swung open the door this is my room he said. Wow I said you have a huge room! As soon as I turned around I was face to face nose to nose with Harry. I breathed heavily. Before I knew what was happening his lips touched mine. Then he slowly pulled away. Harry whispered in my ear. Emily he whispered I want to try this if you do. You are one if the most beautiful girls I have ever met. I whispered while my heart pounding I think we can do this...
Harry and I walked downstairs fingers intertwined.

Harry's P.O.V
Wow I cant believe I just kissed Emily. It was amazing I am so glad I get to spend Christmas Eve with her. We walked down the stairs with our fingers intertwined. We walked into the kitchen where my mum stood drinking tea. Hey mum I said walking over to kiss my mom on the cheek. "It's so good to see you Harry! And who is this?" She asked peering over his shoulder. I grabbed Emily by the waist and pulled her to me. Mum this is my girlfriend Emily. Emily this is my mom Anna. "Hi Anna." Emily said warmly. Hi it is lovely to meet you Emily! Okay mum Emily and I are gonna go and chill in the living room call me if you need me. I pulled Emily into the next room over into the living room. I jumped on to the couch setting her gently on my lap. There love.. I said kissing her forehead. "Harry do you have a big family?" Yes love why? I'm just wondering because I have never spent Christmas with someone.... Really I said shocked why not. Emily told me how her parents go on trips and just let her stay. I asker her if they knew she moved and she said I don't know but I don't care... I pulled her in laying her head on my chest stroking her long beautiful hair. It's okay Emily you will love my family I promise. Okay she said cheeky. Are you tired I asked? " Yes just alittle." When are they coming she asked? Umm not for awhile I said. Go ahead take a nap I will be here. "Okay she said smiling. She went to go climb off my lap when I grabbed her by her waist. Where are you going I whispered. To go sit so I can sleep? Oh no you don't and I pulled her back toward my chest and cradled her. Fine she heaved and plopped herself back on my lap. We soon both fell asleep. Then I woke up an hour later with Emily curled up on my lap still sleeping. I pulled out my phone and decided to check twitter till Emily woke up. I logged into twitter on my phone and saw that my mom had tweeted a photo of me. I pulled up the photo and saw that it was a photo of me with Emily on my lap sleeping. The caption said " My Harry finally home for the holiday with his beautiful gorgeous girlfriend Emily!" I smiled to my self and looked through some of the comments. Some were good some where bad. Wow I said to myself why cant people just be nice. I tweeted back on the picture "Thanks mum she is amazing and one of the most gorgeous girl I have ever met and I cant believe she is mine!" I also tweeted back I cant believe people cant be nice to my girlfriend it doesn't just hurt her it hurts me also. She is a great girl and I am very lucky to say that she is mine." I heard a quick breath then a yawn. I bent my head down to see Emily peering up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes. Hello love did you have a nice nap? I winked at her. "I feel great now!" I gently tilted her head up and glanced at her lips and kissed her softly. She smiled and giggled. "Wow to much PDA!" Screamed my sister Gemma making me and Emily jump. Hey Gemma I said. Gemma this is my girlfriend Emily. Emily this is my sister Gemma. Hi nice to meet you Emily chirped. You too said Gemma. Soon after that many people were arrive. Wow Emily whispered to me there is a lot of people. Yes love I said. But don't worry I whispered in her ear they don't bite... But I do and I bit her neck. Emily turned toward me and hugged me while giggling into my chest. "Time to Eat" called out my mum. "Yum I am starving Emily said while rubbing her tiny flat stomach. I laughed at her. An hour later everyone was full and we all headed into the huge living room. Emily and I sat on the floor with her on my lap. We waited for my mom to pass out the gifts.

* Author's note*
Let me know what you guys think and I will post more tomorrow:) Thanks for reading:) ~Emily

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