One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


8. Christmas Eve night

Harry's P.O.V

I wasn't worried with my mom passing out presents I already warned her I was bringing Emily, but just to make sure I pulled out my phone and texted my mom quickly while hiding my phone away from Emily's view.
Me: Did you get Emily a gift?
Mum: Yes I got her something from you ,Gemma , and me! Don't worry:)
Wow thank god. Emily turned around to face me. "Are you okay love?" Oh I'm fine love I cant wait to see what you got! "Harry you didn't have to get me anything!" She chirped. Love I wanted to get you something! "But being with you is enough" she whispered in my ear. As soon as she whispered in my ear my mom came and dropped two tiny little boxes on Emily's lap. "They are from Harry love." Emily looked up and mouthed at me no you didn't have too." I simply said open it now! She quietly pulled off the silver paper. In the silver paper was a tiny blue Tiffany box. She quickly looked up at me and then back at the box. She quietly and gently opened the box. Nestled inside it was a silver ring with the infinity symbol on the band. Emily looked up at me and said "Oh Harry this is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen." I took the blue box out of her hand and slipped the ring onto her finger. It fit her gorgeously. I gently pulled her face up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Thank you she whispered." She then turned back to open the second box. She gently peeled of the blue wrapping paper ,and there again laid gently on her lap a blue Tiffany box. She gently opened it ,and in the box laid a charm bracelet with a heart charm with her and my name carved into it. Emily's face turned up to me and she didn't even say anything she quickly pulled me into a kiss. I felt like my tummy was doing summer sults. I have never had that feeling ever. I knew she was special and I am so happy to call her mine. Soon the whole room was filled with "awes". She quickly pulled away and giggled while nestling her head into my chest. Then my mom came back and set two cards on her lap. Emily looked up and asked who they were from. My mom replied with a smile "Gemma and me!" Emily told them thank you and opened them inside the card from Gemma was a gift card to get a massage. Inside my mom's card was a reservation to a restaurant. Thank you guys Emily said to them. No problem they both chirped back.
Soon after gifts were opened ,hugs and kisses exchanged and people leaving me and Emily went and sat by the fire with hot chocolate. I whispered in her ear quietly did you like spending Christmas with me? She turned to me and said yes very much. She then yawned. Emily do you want to go to bed? Yes please she chirped. She quickly stood up and started to head toward the stairs. I ran up behind her and picked her up threw her over my shoulder and ran up the stairs. She starting giggling and laughing. "Dang Hazza you have one nice butt!" Haha thanks love your not to bad yourself. When we finally got to my bedroom I put her down gently and handed her one of my white v neck shirts and a pair of my sweat pants. Go get changed love as I pointed toward the door to the bedroom. She went into the bathroom and got changed. I pulled out a pair of sweat pants and quickly got changed. Soon Emily came out with my cloths on. The shirt was to big and hanged loosely on her small frame. The sweat pants hung loosely around her hips. I giggled and pulled her gently around the waist into a hug. She whimpered I don't think these cloths fit me... It's okay love I like them. Emily you have two choices you can sleep in bed with me or I will sleep on the floor and you can sleep in bed. Hmm she said while smirking. I guess you can sleep with me styles! We both climbed in and giggled. We both pulled out our phones and logged on to twitter. First I opened my messages from the lads. They had texted me that they wanted to hang out tomorrow and go ice skating. I texted back "Sure that would be fine I am bringing Emily though is that okay? Louis was the first one to text back. "Yea that's great the lads and I are bring our friends too." After I texted the rest of the people I logged on to twitter and turned to face Emily. Her face was drawn into a frown. What's wrong love I asked her. She handed me her phone and I saw nasty messages from people that had commented on our picture from earlier today. I pulled her into my bare chest and told her non of the things they say are true love they are just jealous. "Oh Harry to be honest I don't really care what people think of me. I'm not the kind of girl to take things to heart. I just brush it off and move on." She softly and gently kissed me on the cheek. "But I am defiantly going to tweet back about this. I watched her fingers fly across the key board. Before she tweeted it she asked me to read it. It read...
Dear people that are hating on me it really truly doesn't bother me what you think about. The only opinion that matters to me is the people I care about. Before you go on saying that Harry can do better and your ugly and fat. I am 17 years old I have been living alone for 3 years know and I decided to move somewhere so I can explore and not be stuck in a small town city. I so happened to move into Harry's flat. I didn't know Harry owned it until I was leaving that day. And if you think I am fat and ugly and I don't deserve Harry than oh well cause I am telling you your opinion doesn't matter. Wow love you have a way with words. I defiantly approve ,but love if something is bothering you promise me you will tell me. "Of course Harry!" And then she tweeted it. We both turned off our phones and plugged them in on the charger. Emily had her back to me and it kind of hurt me. I whispered to her "Emily why wont you face me ,I want to see your beautiful face. She giggled then moved her head and turned her body to face me. "Better?" She giggled. Umm not quite. I moved my body toward her and grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me. I gently placed her head on my bare chest and whispered in her ear better. Then we slowly drifted off to sleep with our bodies snuggled up against each other. This Christmas couldn't get any better I thought to myself. Half way through the night I had woken from a bad dream. I had a dream that Emily was gone. I looked up and found Emily still sleeping on my chest. Ohh thank god I said to myself. I started stroking her hair and telling her how beautiful she is. I told her how I loved her and her beautiful blue eyes. How I loved her pale face. How she has a gorgeous smile that makes my heart melt and her oh so cute giggle. Then Emily stirred and it pulled me out of my thought. Wait thoughts? I had said all of that out loud. Geez I hope she was asleep. Then I slowly drifted of to sleep for good.

Emily's P.O.V

I had a great time tonight. I was finally glad to get some sleep. I drifted off when I was awaken during the night. Harry's chest was all sticky with sweat and his heart was racing. I finally heard him speak. "Ohh I thought I lost her." He then started stroking my hair. "She is so beautiful. Her eyes are so gorgeous. Her pale skin. Her smile just makes my heart melt. Then I stirred alittle because I was cold. When I finally started to hear his soft snore I fell back to sleep myself.

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