One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


9. A day with the lads and girls

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up to the sun in my face and my phone ringing. I quickly rubbed my eyes and gently slid Emily off of me. I grabbed my phone from my night stand and answered it. "Hello" I said in my morning voice. "Hazza please tell me you are not still in bed!" Louis voice screamed through the speaker. Lou be quiet! I shouted through the phone. "Were are you at? We are all at the ice skating rink but you!" said Lou. Oh sorry what time is it? "Noon Hazza are you coming yes or no?" whimpered Lou. Umm yea Lou give us 30 minutes. "Okay see you then Hazza." I ended the call and flopped back down in bed. "Babe get up we are gonna go ice skating." Emily turned and looked at me. "Okay ,but to warn you I am pretty bad at ice skating." Don't worry love I am great at ice skating! Emily and I got up she went into the bathroom and got changed while I searched my room for cloths. Ten minutes later Emily came out with her hair down and wavy with some knitted tights with a white sweater and black combat boots. Wow love you look beautiful as I walked over to her and wrapped my bare arms around her. "Harry you know you have to wear cloths to the ice rink?"  she giggled. While Emily I though that cloths were over rated and I don't need to wear any. I kissed her lips softly. My phone started ringing again and I quickly went over to answer it. Hello I said. Harry it's Simon can you guys come down to the studio around four and make sure you tell the boys. Okay I will thanks Simon. Okay I said. I hung up and found Emily's arms wrapped around my waist. "So Harry do you need some help picking out cloths?" Yes please I said. Emily walked over to my closet and pulled out a sweatshirt and black skinny jeans and some white converse. I quickly got dress in the cloths she gave me and walked to the bathroom. I tamed my wild curls brushed my teeth and grabbed Emily. Emily and I headed down stairs and to my car. Okay Emily do you want to take my rover or Audi? "Hmm" she said sticking out her bottom lip. "Rover!" Okay we quickly got into the car and headed on our way to the ice rink. I texted Lou telling him we would be there in 5. When we finally got to the rink and I parked ,I told Emily wait here I am gonna go open the door for you but this time I don't want to fall. Emily giggled as I got out of the rover and carefully walked across to open the door. "Why thank you Mr. Styles!" We headed into the rink with our fingers intertwine. "Harry why isn't there anyone else here?" I told her that Lou had rented out the rink just for us. Wow she said he really didn't have to do that. We walked into the rink while I was greeted by Lou picking my up in a hug and tearing me and Emily apart. Emily chirped out a gasp and she was picked up by Niall and out on the ice in his arms. Niall screamed out "I've got Harry's princess!!!!" Niall screamed at the top of his lungs. "Nialler put me down" shouted Emily. After her scream there was a big crash and I looked over  and saw Emily and Niall both crashed on the ice. "Ouch that hurt Ni Emily whimpered. Lou quickly let me go and I ran over to help Emily. Are you okay babe? Oh I'm fine my but just hurts because I landed on Niall's hand. Niall was know sitting up looking at Emily almost like he was in... in... love. No he cant be she is mine no. Zayn came over with Perrie at his arm. Come on Niall lets go get hot chocolate. Niall quickly took his eyes away from Emily and followed Zayne and Perrie. I helped Emily off the ice and we went to go get our skates on. Emily started talking to Eleanor, and I went and walked over toward Lou. Lou Niall gave Emily the look. Calm down Hazza it's probably nothing Lou said. Yea your probably right I said trying to reassure myself. We all then got out on the ice and started skating, well all but Emily. She was having a tough time. Lou ,Liam and I were racing while Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie were sitting out at a table talking. Emily was attempting to skate when Niall came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist while pulling her along.
Emily's P.O.V

I was struggling trying to skate but I was determined to. I was on the ice trying to skate when all of a sudden Niall came up behind me and grabbed me by my waist. He started pulling me along and helping me skate. Thanks Niall I said. Niall laughed and blushed no problem babe. We started skating when suddenly I ran right into Harry's chest. I flew back and smacked my butt off the ground. I was now laying on the ground cold and hurt. Harry bent down over me and asked me if I was okay. My head hurts I whimpered. Well you did hit your head on my rock hard abs as he winked. He quickly bent down and picked me up cradling me in his arms.

Harry's P.O.V

I got kind of irritated seeing Niall's hands on Emily. I decided to stop it. I got in the way planning on taking out Niall and not Emily but suddenly Emily's whole body ran into me. I didn't budge though. Suddenly I saw Emily on the floor and Niall a few feet away. I bent down and ask if she was okay and she said her head hurt. I joked with her then I realized she actually was hurt. I quickly pulled her up and cradled her in my arms. I sat her down at a table and took her skates off. I put her boots on and gave her some medicine for her head. "Harry thank you I feel much better now." Okay it's close to four come on we have to go to the studio. I told the boys that we needed to go and we all walked out and got into our cars. I was about to get in when Niall asked if he could ride with us. Ahh sure Niall get in the back. We all got into the car and headed to the studio. Emily does your head feel better? "Yea I'm fine love thanks." I looked back in my rearview mirror and saw Niall frown. Finally we made it to the studio. We all went in and talked to Simon. "Hey boys you guys are going on tour next week. Now I know you boys just got back so I will make you a deal. You guys can each bring one person which I assume will be your girls. Deal?" Deal we all said together. Great you guys are leaving tomorrow! Fine we all said. "Know boys let's go record Little Things please." said Simon in a demanding voice. We all walked down to the recording room I was so excited that I wouldn't have to leave Emily. We walked down the hall with Emily on my back. "Harry we are going to record you first." Harry walked in to the little room and started singing.

Emily's P.O.V

When Simon said that I could go I was so happy that I wouldn't have to leave Harry. We went down stairs to record and Harry was first. The medicine was kinda making me drowsy so I decided to take a nap. There was no more room on the couch so I went and sat on the floor attempting to sleep. Five minutes later I was scooped up by Niall and plopped on his lap. I was in no mood to argue yet open my eyes so I just snuggle up to his chest. I was pretty cold and soon enough I was shivering. Niall took off his hoodie and wrapped it around my small frame. I then began to feel warm and soon fell asleep.

Niall's P.O.V

Wow as soon as I saw Emily at the rink I knew I wanted her to be mine. When we were at the studio and Harry was recording Emily was sitting on the floor trying to sleep. I wanted to feel her touch on my skin so I went over and picked her up and took my seat again on the couch with her on my lap. It felt so good to feel her warmth. Then all of a sudden she started shivering. I pulled my hoodie off and wrapped it around her small frame. She soon fell asleep and I was happy. Then Harry came out  of recording and saw me. It was almost as if he was stunned. Every one in the room saw Harry's expression and I knew I was in for it I gently picked up Emily and walked over to were Harry stood. I gently placed Emily in his arms and walked outside to call a cab. Once I was outside I started crying I didn't know what came over me but I knew I wanted her to be mine. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and called a cab for a ride back to my flat. Soon enough I was at home watching tv and eating Pizza I had ordered.

Harry's P.O.V

When I came out of recording I felt so good ,and then I see Emily curled up on Niall's lap. He saw my pained expression and gently got up and handed Emily to me. After Niall walked out I was so mad I gave Emily's sleeping body to Liam. I went over and punched a wall and screamed to the top of my lungs. After I had my fit Lou pulled me aside and told me Niall pulled her on to his lap and it wasn't Emily's. I cooled off and walked over to where Liam was cradling Emily and telling her everything will be okay. I walked over to take Emily out of Liam's arms when I realized she was awake and crying silently. I pulled her up of his lap and to me. I told the boys I would see them later and walked out with Emily in my arms. When we got out to the car I gently placed her in the seat and buckled her up. I got in and we drove home in silence. When we got home we walked up to my flat which is right next to Niall's. Once we were inside Emily went and got changed into pjs. She came out with my Hipster Please shirt on and her hair in a bun. There was not a trace of makeup left on her face and she looked gorgeous. I was laying on the couch with my hands covering my eyes  when she came and plopped her self on my lap. What's wrong love she said in her sweet voice. I mumbled nothing but I guess she didn't hear me. She pulled my hands away from my face and placed my hands on her waist. Harry I know your not okay and it hurt me to see you pained. I saw you punch the wall as she looked down at my belly. I just it hurts me to see Niall in love with you... Harry there is no way Niall is in love with me he just met me. She said in a positive tone. Yea your right babe I just don't want to loose you. You wont loose me said Emily. We then curled up on the couch together and watched some movies. Soon enough she was asleep and I decided that I need to sleep to. I got up and bent down to pick Emily up. I carried her down the hall way. I was about to turn into her room when she looked up at me and said I want to sleep with you. I happily agreed with her and turned around and walked into my room and laid her in bed. We both snuggled up next to each other and fell asleep. I just couldn't get the image of Niall holding Emily I was so mad at him.

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