One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


44. A day with El

Emily's P.O.V
I texted Eleanor and she said she would meet me at my hotel room. I pulled my hair up into a neat ballerina bun. I added a white lacey bow to it. I pulled on a high wasted skirt that had a floral pattern on it, and matched it with a pink tank top and some navy strappy sandals. I searched through my suitcase looking for my Vera Bradley wristlet. Then there was a knock at the door. I ran over to the door to let Eleanor in. "You ready to go?" No I cant find my wristlet. "Here let me help you!" She walked over to my suit case and quickly plucked it out. How did you do that I asked in awe. "I always have to find Lou's suspenders!"  Good point! We walked out to the car. I started the car and blasted some music. We headed to down town LA. I couldn't wait to spend some time with Eleanor. I parked the car and we grabbed our purses and headed toward the side walk. So what are you thinking about wearing for the Grammy's? "I seriously don't know?"  I think you should wear something short with high heals! We walked into a little boutique. "Oh my Emily look how gorgeous this dress is!"

I looked over toward Eleanor and she held up a silvery short dress. Omg El you have to try it!!!! Eleanor picked out the size a and skipped to the dressing room. I searched around for a pair of heals to match it. I came across a pair of black pumps. I ran to the dressing room and slid them under the door. She came out a minute later. Oh my El you look absolutely gorgeous!!!! She examined herself in the mirror taking in every inch of her body. "I love it Em!" I pulled out my phone from my pocket and snapped some pictures of El. I sent them to Lou and he replied  saying she looked absolutely gorgeous! She went back in and changed and she bought the shoes and dress. We walked down the side walk. Many people stopped and asked to take pictures with us. We enjoyed all the attention until a girl walked up to us and called us ugly and we only dated Niall and Louis because of there money. I looked at El and she glared at me. I pulled open my wristlet and stated that is why I have my own money and credit card! I don't need Niall's money and Eleanor doesn't need Louis's. The girl looked at us shocked and stalked off. El looked at me and started laughing. What I asked. "Thank you if you hadn't have said that I probably would have ripped her throat out!" We chatted for a bit and walked toward Starbucks. I grabbed a hot chocolate and El ordered a coffee. My phone started buzzing in my back pocket. I pulled it out and slid it to unlock it. Hello! "Hey love what are you up to?" Oh just having coffee with El? you? " We just got done rehearsing Im headed back to the hotel. When will you be home?" Um I don't know maybe in about an hour. I still have to get our stuff for tonight. "Alright babe see you then love you!" Love you too! I slid the phone back into my pocket. El had her phone out and had a worried look on her face. "Emily I really need to go?" Is everything alright? "I don't know Lou said he doesn't feel good." Here I will drive you to the hotel. "Oh don't worry about it Lou is parked outside." Alright tell him I hope you feel better! She skipped out the door and I watched her get in the car. I gathered up my bags and hot chocolate. I walked down the side walk and decided to pick up some clothes for Niall. I walked into TopShop. I picked out some jeans and some t-shirts with different bands on them. I headed back down the other side walk and found a van store. I got all giddy inside because yesterday I saw a picture of vans that had a galaxy pattern on them. I searched the store and eventually found them. Hmm I wonder if Niall would wear them too? I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture to send.  Me: Do you like these?  Ni: Oh wow I love them so wearing them to the Grammy's! Me: Do you want me to get them for you?:) Ni: Yes please! I found his size and mine and bought them. I made my way back to my car and slid the bags into the trunk. I made my way down the road toward a little drug store. I grabbed chips and candy and some drinks for us tonight. I grabbed some Disney Movies. I checked out and hurried home. I plucked all the bags out the back and made it through the lobby up to our floor. Before I even got a chance to search for my key the door swung open. "Babe I missed you so much!" I hurried inside and set the bags in the bedroom while Niall followed close behind me. "So what did you buy love?"  I pulled out the jeans and shirts I bought him. "Oh Emily it was suppose to be your day!" I know but I wanted to get you some clothes. "Well what did you get I pulled out my stuff from the Vera Bradley store. I pulled out a purse, wallet, backpack ,and a new suitcase. "Did you buy any clothes?" I pulled out our galaxy shoes to show him. "Instead of wearing the red shoes will you match me with our shoes?" Of course Ni! I finished showing him the skirts and tops that I bought for this week. I but the clothes in the closet and pulled out the movies and snacks. Niall and I got changed into our pjs and snuggled into bed. I popped the movie in which was "Monsters Incorporated I snuggled up next to Niall and we munched on our snacks. I couldn't wait for tomorrow for the Grammy's. Half way through the movie I fell asleep in Niall's arms. What a perfect way to end a perfect day.

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