One time

Small town girl living in the U.S she has big dreams. Will they come true? Having a tough time getting along with her friends, Emily, goes on an amazing adventure:) Maybe just maybe she will meet someone to share magical moments with:) but will there be someone to slow things down and make things complicated.


4. A day with Cara

We drove to my house first. I told her how I still needed to pack. We both got out of my Rover and sprinted to my flat. We decided that we first needed to pack everything but my cloths. About half way through  my phone started blasting out One Direction "What makes you beautiful" Hello I answered happily. Hello said a cheeky male voice. May I ask who is calling? "Ohh sorry said the cheeky voice. "I'm Harry you are renting out my flat? Ohh yes I said face palming myself. Is their something wrong I answered. Ohhh no no no. I was just wondering when you will be flying? Ahh yes I said "my flight is said to land at 3 A.M. December 23rd. "Okay would you like me to pick you up and help you set up your flat?" That would be great! "Okay is it okay if I text you? I have to go to work?" Sure I said thank you so much! I hung up. Who was that said Cara? Ohh the owner of the flat. Okay I said let's ge tto work. Around noon we were finally done! Let's go out to eat I told Cara. We ran out into the snow and headed to the closet restaurant which so happened to be McDonalds. We got out and ate lunch and talked about what are next stops will be. Ping Ping! My phone rang out. I pulled out and read the text.

Harry: Hello this is Harry and I was wondering what color you want your bedroom and guest?

Me: Ohh hey and Umm why do you want to know/

Harry; Well me and the lads would like to paint your rooms so it would be already for you when you arrive:)

Me; Okay Light purple for mine and white for the guest:) Thanks

After me and Cara were finished eating we headed to the car dealership. We gave my Rover to the manager signed papers. The manager said that the car wont arrive in England till 28th of December. That's fine I said. Cara and I cleaned out the Rover and put everything into my rental rover. We headed to the mall to do alittle shopping. We bought so much cloths and things to decorate my new flat. After shopping for 4 hours we headed back to my flat. Tommorow I was leaving I didn't want to. Cara and I finished packing and putting things away. After everything was in boxes and on the Uhaul we had to go in and put my suit cases in the rover. After finishing I took Cara home and we said our good byes. I drove back home not regretting my decisions. I pulled in to my drive way and walked into my empty flat. By know it was midnight and I needed to get some shut eye I needed to be up by 2 A.M  I soon fell asleep 5 minutes after laying down.

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