the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


30. whats going on

Laura's point of view

my eyes started opening, "Laura" I heard someone call, the voice was too muffly, "Laura its us, Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn" the voice said, then  my hearing went clearer, "Z Z Zayn" I stuttered, hearing their voices was so wonderful to hear, the nurse came in after they talked to me, "where am I" I asked, "your in the hospital" Niall said softly, "w why" I stuttered still groggy and weak, "do you not remember, John and you was trying to save Lux" Liam said, "oh yea, oh my, is Lux ok" I yelled worriedly, "dont worry she's fine, you saved her" Harry said, "really" I said happily, "yea, we and Lou along with Tom are eternally greatful, but you shouldnt have done that" Liam said, "I needed to, she would have probably been dead by now" I said, "we would have caught her, but were just so glad you and her are ok" Zayn replied,

"wheres my mum and dad" I asked, they all looked at each other sadly, "wait, whats going on" I asked, "oh nothing their fine" Louis said, "whats happened, why you looking so sad" I said worriedly, "were going to have tp tell her at some point boys" Niall sighed, "tell me what" I said shakily, "the people who you think is your parents, arnt your parents at all" Harry said softly, "what" I gasped, "you need a bone marrow and we asked for donars, obviously they volenteered, we had to take their bloods to see if they were able to donate, and none of them could, but they also didnt match your DNA" the nurse spoke up, "what, well who is my real parents then" I asked so confused, "we dont know" Liam said sadly.

tears streamed down my face, "im sorry dear, and im truly sorry we still havnt found a match for the bone marrow yet" the nurse said sympathetically. "at least your on the mend" Louis said trying to liven the mood up, it worked, "yea Louis' right" Niall said, the others agreed, "how will I find out who my real parents are then" I asked, "well Holly and Tom are on about going to the hospital where you was born and seeing all the records to see whats happened, we said we'd take them as soon as your awake, so we'll spend the night here and then we'll take them tomorrow, and we'll ask for answers for you to" Louis explained, I nodded. "that reminds me, let me tell Bethany ill be not be home till tomorrow" Liam said, I looked confused, "do you not remember I have a little sister" Liam smiled, "oh yea, how old is she" I asked.

Liam thought for a moment, "she's your age, and come to think of it,, she has the same birthday as you aswel, so that means you were born in the same hospital at the same time" Liam explained, "oh yea,I wouldn't coz I remember Holly telling me she was on the way from somewhere and had to stop of at the Wolverhampton hospital because she was giving birth" I smiled, "yea, I still wonder, if you was born in the same hospital that Holly said the how can Holly think she gave birth to you but you not be related" Liam said confused, I understand where he's coming from, the boys were confused to, we all looked so confused anyway Liam went to call his sister.

"anyway, you need to get some rest Laura" Harry said, "I want to talk to you guys, ive missed you all" I said, "we've missed you to"  Louis replied, "but you need to sleep" Harry said, "ive had enough of that I think, dont you" I laughed, "Laura" Harry said looking at me, "alright Harry" I rolled my eye, everyone giggled, "sweet dreams" Harry smiled, "thanks" I replied, "we'll be here all the time" Zayn said, and with that I 'was alsleep' or so they thought, I wasnt I knew i couldnt get to sleep, I decided to listen to the conversations, I know wrong but I just had to, I needed to know if they really want me here.........

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