the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


11. week at Zayn's

Harry's point of view


I woke up with Laura still snuggled in my arms, "Laura it's morning" I whispered, she groaned and stretched," hows your foot" I asked, "its better now thank you" she replied, "good good" I got up and started waking the others up, so we all went downstairs and Zayn made us a piece of toast each, after we had eaten there was a bang and in came Zayn's 3 sisters, "Hi" they said, "hi" we said back, "cool he brought a girl round, oooo" the eldest one said, "its Harry's best friend" Zayn cleared up, Zayn intorduced his sisters and the rest of his family to us, after 2 hours of getting to know them, Doniya said "oh, do you like shopping" she asked Laura, "love it" she said excitedly, "awesome, you want to go with us" Waliyha spoke up, "yea if you dont mind" she replied sweetly, "wooo, come on lets go" Safaa shouted, everyone laughed, so Laura went shopping and the boys and I just chilled out


for once Laura and me didnt wake up near each other or touching, today we all chilled, watched TV got to know his mum more, jetlag had hit us again, so we went to bed pretty early, 11 o clock


we all called our mums, told them what was happening, where we was staying, we watch some films that was on the TV, and again chilled for the day


we did loads of games, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball after the sports games we played family fortunes as a trivia game, who wants to be a Millionaire, all of a sudden Tricia came out with "are Liam and Laura related" "no we arent" Liam spoke up, "oh, you look a like, a lot" she added, "everyone has been saying that" Laura spoke up, "but you do" Louis butted in, we had a discussion of that for a while, "you have the same colour eyes, same hair colous, same shape nose, and everything, if your not related I don't know how you can look so much a like" Zayn said, we all agreed, "well im happy to look like Liam though" she said, going over to him and giving him a hug, everyone awwwwed, "awww same to you twinny" Liam joked, everyone laughed.


we had just had breakfast and Tricia asked if we could play any instruments, I said "I can play the kazoo" so she gave me a kazoo, and I played, mary had a little lamb on it, Niall said "I can play the guitar" and he played Ed Sheerans legohouse, "I can play a bit of keyboard and a bit of guitar" Liam spoke up, he played twinkle twinkle little star on the guitar and played silent night on the keyboard, "I can play the triangle mum" Zayn said, so he played twinkle twinkle little star on that "I can play the piano" Louis said, so he played how to save a life by the Fray, and finally Laura, "I can play the keyboard" she said, so she played the lion sleeps tonight on it, Tricia said "I can play the xaphone(sorry I dont know how to spell it) so she played frere acka(I dont know how to spell that to) on it


I couldnt sleep so at 3 am I went downstairs and sat on the couch, I started to sing a song, Kiss me by Ed Sheeran, I had him the song in my head for some reason, "settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in" all of a sudden I heard, "lie down with me and hold me in your arms" I turned around to find Laura, "what are you doing up" I asked, "when you got up I felt you go, I tried to back to sleep and I was freezing and then I couldnt sleep, Zayn left the window open, you was actually keeping me warm" she replied I giggled, "sorry, I couldnt sleep" I apologised, "its fine" she said, I patted the couch, and she sat down, we was talking for a while until the others got up, "Im taking you all on a tour of Bradford today" Zayn annouced, so he did, he took us to meet some of his friends, his old schools, where he used to hang out and things like that, when we got back it was around 9 pm we settled down and watched TV at 12:30 we all went to bed

Sunday - Last day at Zayn's

we all started packing once again ready to go to Louis' house, "what times the taxi coming Liam" I asked, "4:30, everytime" he replied "ok pal" I said, so we all packed, as I was packing I felt some boxers fling on my head "heyyy, who was that" everyone started laughing, I looked at the "you" I pointed to Louis he laughed, I threw some back, I then felt a polo shirt land on me, "heyy Niall" I growed while laughing, soon everyone started, it ended up we all had a clothes fight, the boys, me and Laura, clothes were everywhere, so we hurried picking all the clothes up and it was 3:00 pm by this time, we went downstairs, said goodbye to Zayn's sisters and mum, she hugged and kissed us and 4:30 pm on the dot, the taxi came to take us to Doncaster


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