the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


35. telling the parents

Laura's point of view

wow Liam Payne is my brother, Liam's 'sister' Bethany had a DNA, Liam told her not to tell their parents, so she did it in secret, she found out she werent related to Liam, so she was my parents daughter, "so now what" I asked the nurse with Liam by my side, "first you get to go home once you've packed, you all better, there is no need to keep you here" she smiled, "and then its up to you guys what to do next" she added, we nodded and she went, they all helped me pack "we better tell you two's parents first" Harry suggested, we all nodded in agreement.

after we had packed we went to the reception and I sighed forms and they then let me go, when i stepped outside, i breathed in deeply, i had;nt been out of the hospital since the accident, and that was 6 months ago, they called a taxi, "we're to first" I asked, "how about your house were you was living before" Liam smiled, they all agreed, so we went. we arrived within an hour and a half.

"hello Laura" Holly greeted me, "hello.....Holly" I paused, it was weird calling her by her first name when I used to call her mum, "hello Tom" I added, "hello Laura" he smiled as he walked though the door, "we have great news for you" Niall said, "oh really"  they asked, we nodded, "what is this good news then" Holly asked, "well......... we've finally found your real daughter" I replied, their faces lit up, "really" Tom asked, we nodded.

"do they know that were there parents" Tom asked, "yes they do" Liam replied, which was true, Liam told her, poor Beth was heartbroken, we showed her a picture, she seemed petty happy after that, "when can we meet her" they asked, what they didnt know she was in the car "whenever, she wants to see you soon though"  Liam said, "is now ok, or tomorrow" Holly and Tom both said, "now" Liam said, "ok, how long will it take for her to get here"Holly asked, "two minutes" Zayn spoke up, they both looked confused, so went outside and went to the car, "there ready to meet you" I said to Beth, "really" she said excitedly, I nodded. she breathed in and then stepped out of the car.

when we got in, I made Beth stay outside the door of the room they were in, "right, Tom, Holly, meet your biological daughter, Bethany Payne" I announced and with that she came slowly in, very shyly, "we'll let you get to know each other, Laura, we going to meet your parents" Louis asked, I nodded, "well do you know who yours is" Holly asked, "yes its my parents" Liam announced, "really, you mean......your her brother" Tom asked, we all nodded, "awwww" they said, they both hugged each one of us and said goodbye and with this we went .

Harry drove us to where Liam lived, I was so nervous "Liam, im scared, what if they dont like me" I said, "nonsense" he replied smiling, Harry then came over to me and interlocked his hand in mine, his then kissed my lips, he gave the best kisses, "you'll be fine babe" he whispered, the others awwww, and we walked up to Liam's door, he slowly pulled down the handle, he gave me one last glance, I nodded, and we went in.

im sorry readers, there is only one more chapter left, thank you so much to everyone, thank you, you guys are amazing, thank you, i hope you've enjoyed reading it, I've enjoyed writing it, I will be doing a new movella once i have thought of a plot, thank you again to every single reader :)

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