the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


15. Lux and Laura

Laura's point of view

I was so nervous, I had never looked after a child on my own before, I always had someone with me, when the others went, Lux wanted to go to the pool, so we went to the changing room and I changed her into her costume, and we went to the pool, Lux held her hand out for me to hold as we walked round trying to find a bed thing, we did, I told her to stay there while I put our towels on the beds, when we found some, she actually did stay aswel, I thought she would have run of, but she didnt, so we went to the baby pool, I was only planning on dipping my feet in when Lux asked "could you come in with me please" how could I say no to her, "of course" I smiled as she clapped and yayed, we splashed around and played a few games for a bit,

after an hour she started to yawn quite frequently "are you tired" I asked, she nodded, "do you want a nap" I asked, "yes" she replied, she then held out her arms for me to pick her up, so I did, I went to the beds and wrapped her dora the explorer towel round her as I carried her up the stairs, have you ever felt like your being watched, well thats how I was feeling the whole time. I pushed the thought aside as I felt Lux gently rested her head under my neck.

when we got upstairs I sat down with her on my knee, "please can you sing to me, itll be our little secret" Lux asked sleepily, I giggled "of course, what do you want me to sing" I asked her, "sing isnt she, uhhh I dont know what the rest is" she replied, i giggled "is it isnt she lovely" I asked she nodded so I sang "Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful, Isn't she precious, Less than one minute oh" she started to fall asleep, after the song had finished she had gone to sleep.

half an hour later the boys walked in,being boys they were making a noise,  I shushed them and they then calmed downthey awwwed at the sight of Lux being asleep, without warning Harry took his phone out of his pocket and took a picture "Harry" I yelled but in a whisper, I gave him and evil look "what" he asked innocently, "you know I dont like pictures" I said, "I don't know why though, your beautiful" he complimented, I blushed,"no im not" I said back, "you are, you just dont know it" Harry said smiling the others awwwed and teased, we glared at them, they just giggled,"Harry likes Laura, Harry likes Laura" Louis teased, "no I dont, in that way anyway, just as a friend" he replied, Louis gave him 'the look' you know the 'I dont believe you' look, "do you want her now" I asked Lou as I changed the subject while the others were still giggling, "no I dont want to disturb her" Lou smiled, I smiled back.

an hour past of us just talking before Lux woke up, she looked around and smiled at everyone, after 5 minutes Lou said, "we better be going now" "nooooo" Lux yelled, after about 10 minutes of persuading her they left, when they did Liam asked, "how was it" "it was great, shes such a good kid" I smiled, "great, so if I told you Lou whispered to me earlier and said if you want the job you can have it" Zayn replied with a smile, my face lit up, "yeaaa, if you guys want me to stay and if Lux, Lou and Tom wants me to aswel" I replied, "of course we do and they do to, and Lux loves you, she dont just fall asleep on anyone you know" Niall spoke up, I giggled, "so that settled then, your Lux's full time babysitter" Louis smiled, I nodded in reply, after that we just talked for the rest of the day



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