the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


6. airport and the plane

Laura's point of view

I text my mum saying 'going to all the guys houses, they practically dragged me here, Harry's with me so it will be ok x' about a minute later she replied 'ok, no funny buisness ;) Harry better look after you and enjoy love :) x' she sent, I sniggered at the text, "what" Harry asked, "my mum, she likes embarassing me, look" I said handing him my phone, he read it and laughed, "whats so funny" Louis asked, so we read it out and everyone laughed, I text back saying 'arnt you funny, thank you bye see you soon love you x' and then she sent one back 'love you to dear x',

after I'de just sent that, "oh now Ive got a text" Liam said, "who is it off who is it off' Zayn joked, "wait i dont know yet" he replied, after a few second he said "it's Simon, he said that when we get to the airport there will be a guy holding up a sign saying One Direction, go to him for the right plane, and his name is Paul, he will be on the plane with you and will be your bodyguard from now on, he's fom Ireland, he's going to go home, but when your 6 weeks are up he wil join us" Liam said, we oooed and aahhhed "so were getting are very own bodyguard" Niall said, "looks like it" Liam replied, "cool" Zayn spoke up.

after spedning half an hour in the taxi to the airport, Harry paid the taxi and we got outside, we all stretched and yawned and then decided to look for the guy called Paul, there was no - one there, so we decided to find a cafe, after just 2 minutes walking I wanted the toilet "Harry, can we go to the toilet, I have to go to the little girls room, please" I pleaded, Harry laughed and hugged me, "of course" he said, "boys, Laura has go to the little girls room" he laughed while saying it "her words not mine" he continued, everyone laughed, "yes of course come on" Liam said so i went and they waited by some chairs opposite the toilets so I went in

after a few minutes I had come out and saw a few fans go to them, "Harry I love you" one fan said, "i love you all can I get a picure please" another asked, "of course" the boys smiled, they took a few pictures and sighed autographs and then the girls left, I then came out of the toilets, "wow you really had to go" Louis teased, "yes but I wasnt that long, I waited at the door of the toilets because I didnt fancy getting questioned on who i am and getting accused of being one of your girlfriends and then getting hated on, I have seen that happen, with the wanted, Justin bieber, the beatles, take that and all the other boybands and young singer" I laughed, "alright miss smarty pants" Louis moaned, everyone laughed "anyway come on cafe time, im hungry" Niall moaned, "Niall your always hungry" Louis said, "sooo" Niall replied, Louis pulled a tongue out at him and Niall retalliated back by sticking his tongue out "girls cut it out" I joked, "hey were not girls" Louis and Niall said in unison, "you are"I spoke up, everyone laughed.

we started walking towards the cafe and then all of a sudden I felt something slimy touch my cheek "ewwwww Louis you did not just do that, ewwww" I moaned in disgust, Harry, who was in front, turned around and said "Louis what did you do to the poor girl" "he licked my cheek" i said while rubbing the wetness of my face, everyone laughed including me, "what it was her fault for calling me and Niall girls, I wished she had warned me though that she put some moisturiser on, ive got some in my mouth" Louis said while wiping his tongue on his coat, everyone laughed again

we finally arrived at the cafe, "what does everyone want" Liam asked, "can I have a chiken wrap with chips and chicken" Niall pleaded, "ok, and you Louis" Liam asked, " yorshire tea with chips and nuggets please" everyone laughed "Louis you really are a child at heart arent you" I joked, he nodded proudly, "what about you Harry" "uuummm.... chicken and ham sandwhich" he replied "you Zayn" "salad please" Zayn replied, "and you Laura" "nothing ill pay for my own" I said, i didnt want Liam or anyone paying for me, I started to walk and then felt to hands pick me up "ahhh" I yelled, "What do you want, we are paying for you" Harry said looking at me, "Harold Edward Styles put me down" I squealed, the other were laughing, "not until you agree on letting us buy your din, hold on a mnute I know what you want, its the same as me" damn he knew me to well, "no" I said, "yes, Liam same as me" he said and lowered his arms, I scowled at him, and he finally put me down.

weall sat down, "ill go help Liam bring everything we ordered" I said, i had a plan to give back the money, "alright" the others agreed, so I walked over to Liam and said, "Liam Im going to help you" "ok then, the things will be here in a minute" he replied, "heres your order sir" the man behind the counter said, Liam turned around, nows my chance, I reached in my pocket for a five pound note and was just about to slip it in his back pocket when a pair of hands wrapped around mine, "no no no" the voice said, "Harry, please let me pay him" I begged, Liam turned around with a tray "Harry what are you doing here your supposed to be sat over there with the others" Liam said, "first thing I was getting straws for the drinks and sugar for Louis' tea, I saw her hand try to put a five pound note in your back pocket so i stopped it" Harry said, "ok, and Laura you are NOT paying" Liam said, and raising his voice a little when saying the word 'not' I laughed, "now go take that to the others" he said, so I did and soon they came to join us.

soo enough we had all ate our meals and headed toward security and ect, we saw Paul and went over to him, "Hi my name is Paul" he said "hi im Louis, this is Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry's friends Laura, she is coming to Niall's house with us" Louis said "hi guys and Laura lets get going" he said with a smile and so we went through security and finally boarded the plane, we all got a book or a game to play on the 2 hour journey on the plane, I sat down and Harry sat next to me and Louis, behind us was Niall, Liam and Zayn and then Paul was sat at the seats at the side of us so we all settled down and bukled up ready for the flight.

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