the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


9. a week at Niall's

Harry's point of view

so we eat our breakfast, which was cheese on toast, the others kept teasing me and Laura about this morning, the truth is I did notice, I woke up about half 4 this morning and found us like this, she looked so peaceful and cute while sleeping, I didn;t want to desturb her, and to be honest I was comfy to, we are best friends so it didnt seem awkward, it may have been awkward for her though coz i was just in my boxers cuddled upto her but ay well


it was 2:30 am when Laura and me woke up we was in the same position as the first time, there was only one of the boys up which was Louis, "I stayed up all night and watched you two to see if you did it deliberatly, and you actually dont, your both asleep" he said, Harry and I looked at each other and laughed, "im going to sleep now, so goodnight" he laughed, "good night Lou" Laura said, I agreed and we went back to sleep, for most of the day we all slept, we was just exhausted because of going from one to city to another we all woke up at 4 pm Maura made us all tea and we watched Tv and chilled out for the day at 12 am we went to sleep


Laura and me anded up in the same position but the others didnt see, coz Laura and me woke up at the exact same time, otherwise i would have just stayed like that, anyway, today we just watched films we all got to pick one each, Louis was first and picked Grease, Niall chose anchorman, Liam chose the obvious, Toy story and we had to watch all 3 of them, Zayn chose Scarface, I chose Love actually and Laura chose The Lion King, so we all settled down to watch them, we had popcorn, pringles, Nandos and all sorts of food, we also had drinks with us, Niall's family had gone on a trip somewhere, to give us sometime to all get to know each other more, at 10 they all finished and Maura came back, we had some toast and tea  and Maura told us about her day and we told Maura about our day at 1:00 am we went bed


Laura and me woke up in a different position, where I was spooning her, we dont even do this deliberatly, we just wake up that way, the others woke us up so they had caught me spooning her, "do you honestly not do this on purpose" Louis teased, "no of course not" I said, anyway today, Niall gave us a tour of hs hometown, we met some of his friends and then came hme and talked for a bit with his mum and brother


Laura and I woke up to me spooning her again, this time with our hand intertwind, today consisted of us getting to know all of Niall's family. his mum, his brother, even his dad, his cousins and his closest friends in Ireland, they all came to Niall's house and we all had a little party, we had one sneaky drink of champagne each, because only Louis could legally drink, we had a good time getting to know everyone, at 11 they all left and after an hour of cleaning we all went to bed 


Laura and me woke up not near each other for once, "morning" I groaned "morning" she replied, "first time we've not ended up near or around each other" I joked, she giggled, and said "I know woow" we was just about to move we lifted out hands out of the quilt and found our hands were intertwined like a proper couple "what is going on" I asked as our hands parted, so we woke everyone else up, we decided to have a few games of football, Laura didn't mind either, Liam and Zayn were team captain, on one team there was Louis, Niall and Zayn and on the other was Laura, Liam and me, Zayn and Laura were in goals, our team won 2 and their team won 2 aswel, we was in the middle of playing the decider when Louis kicked the ball to Niall, Laura tried to kick the ball, she kicked it alright but slipped on something and her legs caved and she fell head first, she squeeled out in pain, she never cried but yelled instead.

the boys and I quickly ran towards her, "are you alright" I asked concerned and I panicked, "Harry, chill, im fine just in a lot of pain here" she giggled before saying ow again, "im so so so so so sorry love" Louis apologised, "Louis, why are you apologising it wasnt your fault, I tripped" she said re assuring him, "oh right" Louis said, I got hold of her carefully, carrying her like a baby into the house, the lads followed, "are you alright love, what have these boys done to you" Maura asked as we came through the door, she rushed out to the kitchen and came back with the first aid kit, I carefully placed her on the sofa and I took her leg and looked at it, "its swollen" I said, "ill wrap it up" Liam offered, he went to Maura and got the bandage from the first aid kit, and started wrapping it round Laura's leg, "now try walking" he said when he had finished, so she got up but collapsed again, "better rest it" he said, Laura agreed so we all stayed in with her and watched TV, she fell asleep on me

Sunday - the final day

I must have fell asleep with her coz i woke up with my head rested on hers, we woke up and the others were looking at us "shut up" I yelled, they snggered and I carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed so she can get dressed, I sat beside her and realised I also had my clothes from yesterday to so I got out of bed I took my shirt of to put a clean one on and was just about to put the clean shirt on when I heard a *bang*,

I quickly around and found Laura on the floor, I rushed to her, "sorry babe, i forgot about that, im really really sorry" I said paniking, she said ow, but then said, "its not you  responsibility to look after me, so I didnt expect you to help me" she giggled at how worried i was, "it is though were best friends" I said carrying her from the floor and placing her on our bed, "thank you" she said, "no problem little buddy" I winked cheekily, she giggled, "no love birds vas appening" Zayn interupted, "nothing" we said, he shrugged and went back downstairs, I gave her, her clothes and I left, "how am I supposed to get my pants on, my leg isas big as my head" she yelled to me, "are you decent" I yelled back, "yea" she said, I went in she had her tshirt and everything else on but her pants, "I would help but you probably dont feel comfortable would you" I said, I felt a little awkward myself, I had never seen anything underneath her clothes, " not really, but ide rather you help than stay in the pants that have grass stains on them" she giggled, that made me feel at ease coz i knew she would let me.

so I took her pants of slowly, so not to hurt her "sorry for the chubby legs" she giggled, "theres nothing wrong with them" I reassure her, and there wasnt once I took them off I went out the room so she could put her underwear on, "done" she shouted after a minute, so I went back in and slowly put her pants on, "thanks" she said, I carried her downstairs and the boys was asking how she was, after a couple of hours we packed and got ready to leave, Laura tried to walk and she did, but limping, but at least she werent falling, so at 4:30 pm the taxi came, we all said goodbye to Niall's family and they hugged us and stuff and we got in the taxi ready to go to Zayn's house.

is anyone still reading it, just curious :) and if you are thanks for reading :)


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