the secret that I didnt know - completed

Hi my name is Laura Payne (not my real name my name is Jodie hope, just made this name up for the story so if your names Laura, enjoy) my best friend is Harry Styles, we live in a little town called Holmes Chapel, we have known each other ever since we was born, our mums was best friends to, we are both 16 now and Harry is about to go to audition for the x factor, little did I know there was a secret deep in the family, read the movella to find out what it is :) enjoy, this is my first fan fic sorry if you dont like it :)


16. 2 years later

Harry's point of view

Right, we are working on out third album, Laura is still babysitting Lux, and no we arnt together, we are both 19 nearly 20, and Lux was 3 now, Laura's been baby sitting since she was 1, yes ive had Caroline and Lucy, and even Taylor, but none of them seemed 'the one' for me. the boys, Laura and I were in London and we was in our hotel room, there was 3 beds,whcih means again asusual we'd have to share, i will have to share the bed with Laura, i just know it. "...and Harry your sharing with Laura" Louis grinned, knew it, I didnt mind coz she's my best friend, but i know the boys think somethings going to happen between us, she dont like me in that way, and i dont like her in that way. do I? Liam and Laura are looking more alike by the day, its scary, they come from different parts of the UK but yet they are so a like, Laura's brother doesnt seem to look that much like her, Ruth and Nicola obviously do, but his younger sister looks nothing like him.

I need to figure something out, "Liam, Laura come here, guys you come to" I called everyone over, they all looked confused, "right something is wrong, i don't know what and I don't know how but Liam your younger sister that is the same age as Laura and me doesnt look anything like you, were as Laura does, Laura's bother doesnt even look like her, and come to think of it, Laura doesnt look like her mum either" I said bearly breathing, silence, "he has got a point" Niall spoke to break the silence, "well, what are we supposed to do Hazza" Liam asked, "I have no Idea, thats why I need help" I replied, "we wont be related, we come from different areas of the UK" Laura spoke up, "I know, something is definetly wrong, I can feel it" I said

we all went to do what we was doing we was in a meeting about the tour and we had rehersals and Laura was looking after Lux, "sorry boys i've forgot my microphone, yes we all had our own microphones, ill be back in a little bit, you continue, the boys will fill me in later, they nodded and I went, so I walked in the room, I heard talking so I creeped in, "Lux, im confused, Harry' right, I do look like Liam theres pictures everywhere of us, if i had hair like Liam I bet people would got mixed up,  my mum has my birth certificate so that prooves i was brought from the hospital by her, Im so confused Lux, Lux looked at her with a sad face, Lux hugged her, Laura hugged back, I saw tears fall from Laura's face, it killed me to see her so confused, I've never seen her cry since the last year of high school when she like someone, and I still dont know who she liked, and she knew he wouldnt like her in return.

I wish i could do something, I remembered what i came back for and when she had calmed down i entered the room fully,  "hey Haz, your back early" she smiled, "I forgot my mic, its here, ill be off now I said walking out the room, I shut the door and went back to the boys, I listened to the rest of what they was talking about and we went back to the hotel room, when we entered we had found Laura asleep with Lux asleep next to her cosied up together, I got my phone out and took a piciture, I tweeted it with the caption, 'baby Lux and her babysitter fast asleep :')'and got thousands RTng it, favouriting it and saying that it was cute in the first minute.

they woke up and Lou took Lux to bed and I sat on the bed with Laura, while the others sat on their beds, "how was your meeting" she asked, "great" we all replied, "hows Lux been" I asked, "great we stayed here but she was talking about how her day has been and what new friends shes met" she replied, "and I read to her, thats how we both ended up asleep" she added, we all awwwed, "anyone want to watch 'pitch perfect' at the cinema" I asked.

"I cant its one of our days of and I promised Perrie I would meet her in a cafe" Zayn exclaimed, "I cant either, i have to go see my friend, hes in town and ive not seen him in ages" Niall replied, "I will Hazza" Laura said, "Liam" she asked, "cant sorry gotta go meet Danielle were taking brit (the payne family dog) to the vets for an injection" Liam replied, "Lou" I replied, "cant Eleanor has a day of and so do I its our only day of, im spending it with her" he replied, awkward, "you still wanna go" Laura asked me "if you want" I said "yea if you do" I replied, she nodded,"awwwwww, the love birds are going on their first date" Niall teased, Laura and me shot our heads round and scowled at him. at 11 o clock we all settled down to sleep.

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