HI Im Lexi And this is my first FanFic..............tell mme what you think ! HOpe you Like It!!!
Lexi was normal girl in school with awesome friends but when she was home it was a different story......When she was 14 her parents died in car accident and was forced to live with her drunk abusive uncle. She was sick of it and had to run away and when she did she met the guys of her Dreams ...............One Direction. When all of them fall for her she has to make a desision! Which one will she choose?


3. Wide awake!

Lexi's POV

"I think shes waking up!" I hear a strong irish accent say as i start to move arounfd ,but eyes still closed.I slowly start to open my eyes and see im surrounded my 5 familiar faces."Hi!" The dark complected one said with a hug smile on his face, I giggled. I look at all of them and try to remember where i know them from.Then it hit me........."You guys are from One Direction , right?" i say with joy in my eyes."Yupp!"The blonde known as Niall says to me whle staring into my eyes."Its not that im not glad ypou guys are here ,but why are you here?" I say with cconfusion.

"I saw you being attacked, and i decided to take action'" Louis said wiith confidence."Well, Thank you Louis!" I say while giggling once again."The doctor told us that you hit your head pretty hard ," Liam informed me. I looked down to see my leg in a cast,"Did i break it?" i ask." No, but it and youll have to bee on crutches for a few weeks,'' the doctor said wihle wallking in the room.''When can i leave?'' ''Just let me give eyou a qiuick check up, and you can be on your way,'' He said with a friendly smile.IN the corrner of my eye i saw all five boys eyes light up.''Do you wanna stay at our house until your leg is all better?" Lou said with a hopfull smile across his face.''Uhh, Sure,'' i said trying to procces that, One Direction, the biggest boy band in the worrld just asked me live with them.

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