HI Im Lexi And this is my first FanFic..............tell mme what you think ! HOpe you Like It!!!
Lexi was normal girl in school with awesome friends but when she was home it was a different story......When she was 14 her parents died in car accident and was forced to live with her drunk abusive uncle. She was sick of it and had to run away and when she did she met the guys of her Dreams ...............One Direction. When all of them fall for her she has to make a desision! Which one will she choose?




"where do you think your going?"Dave said whiile slurring his words."Oh i was just gonna go to my freinds house for the night,"  I said nervously whille trying to get up."SMACK!" He slaped my face when i stood up."Are you trying to get away from me,Lexi?" He said slapping me again but this time harder."No uncle, i was goin to see my freind, I promise," i say holding my face and wiping my now sobbing eyes."STOP CRYING!!" he screamed before kicking me in the leg whiicch made me fall to the floor and hit my head on the stair.I stood up trying to hold back the tears,  my head was throbbing now and i was getting dizzy. He was yelling at me, but i wasnt paying any attention all i  was concerned about was how i was going to get out of here."Are you listening to me?'' he said before i kicked him in the stomach making him fall to the floor and drop this beer.

 I ran out the frount door, and down the street. I looked dback and saw him close behind me. I started rununing again but this time with a limp, my leg was killing me.I kept looking back and he was getting closer and closer. I was crying now and yelling for help, hoping someone would hear me, but no one did. Finally i reached the dead end of the street and fell to floor as he inched closer to me. I tried standing up but my legs wouldnt go any further and my head was pounding. When e reached me he started laughing and kicked mme in this stomach."You will never get away from me, Lexi,NEVER"he yelled while laughing to himself one again.He went in for another kick, buut was stopped when someone tackled him and started pnching him in the face. "Whats going on out there, Lou?'' a british accent yelled dfrom inside a house.

Barley being able to move i turned to see a few guys running towards me. I looked back to Dave and saw him on the floor cleaarly knocked out.THe guy who tackled him camme to me on his knees and told me, "Everythings gonna be okay, your safe with me," whle picking me up bridal style and carryinme inside the house and put me o nthe couch. Thats when everything started fading into darkness.


******Hey Loves , Everyone like the story so far ?!?!!? Tell Me what You think! I will post anoother chapter in a few minutes. Hope You like it!!! ~Lexi<3

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