HI Im Lexi And this is my first FanFic..............tell mme what you think ! HOpe you Like It!!!
Lexi was normal girl in school with awesome friends but when she was home it was a different story......When she was 14 her parents died in car accident and was forced to live with her drunk abusive uncle. She was sick of it and had to run away and when she did she met the guys of her Dreams ...............One Direction. When all of them fall for her she has to make a desision! Which one will she choose?


4. Over me?

Lexi's POV

When the doctor finished the check-up, and gave me some paperss for me to signand said i could go.When i tried to stand up and use my crutches, i just fell back to the bed, i sighed. "Here let me help you,Love,'' Liam said while putting me on his back for a piggy back ride.''Thank you!'' i said followed by giving him a kiss on the cheek.He blushed and carried me down the stairs. When we got to the car the guys started arguing about who was going to sit by me.I just sat there smiling at thinking thah this was all a dream tat the boys of 1D are fighting to sit next to me.Finnaly they made a desision , since liam got to carry me down had t drive ,and since Louis saved me he got to set by me. They did rock paper scissors to determine who else i would sit by and Zayn won. On the car ride to their flat we talked about anything and everything.By the time we arrived i felt like i had known them my whole life.

Zayn's POV

I couldnt keep my eyes off Lexi. Her beautiful blonde hair hit the middlle of her back and her amazing,grey eyes struck me like lightning.She was georgous. When we got to the flaat i carried her upstairs and to the couch. I was hoping to get a quick peck on the cheek ,she judtt sat there and looked around. I was disapointed ,but i moved and went to the kitchen to get some food.''Wow, this place is huge!'' she said in ahh.''Thanks, its just our summer home, when were not on tour,'' I assumed Harry said while he walked towards Lexi."Make yourself at home,'' Niall says frrom behind the fridge.''Will do!''Lexi says laying back ,but quickly sets up and says,''Wait, i dont have any PJ's,''''You can borrow a shirt of mine and some sweats,'' Louis tells her while walking to his room and coming back with some clothes.''Here you go,'' He says handing them to her.''Thanks.'' She grabbed her ccruthes and slowly started to walk to tthe bathroom. I could tell  eeryone was on their toes, because when she somewhat tripped but stayeed standing, all five of us gasped and ran towards her.''Im okay, im okay,''she says laughing at us while entering the bathroom. We all sat down on couch in scilence, but ofcourse Lou had no problem breaking the ice.'' So, who here has a crush on our little, Lexi?"All five of us raaise our hands.''Well i guess there is some competition,'' Liam ssays wwth a big smile. We all laugh.



***********Hey Loves !! How yall liking the storry?!?! What team are You on??!?                                                                                                                                   

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