HI Im Lexi And this is my first FanFic..............tell mme what you think ! HOpe you Like It!!!
Lexi was normal girl in school with awesome friends but when she was home it was a different story......When she was 14 her parents died in car accident and was forced to live with her drunk abusive uncle. She was sick of it and had to run away and when she did she met the guys of her Dreams ...............One Direction. When all of them fall for her she has to make a desision! Which one will she choose?


6. No Funny Buisness

Louis's P.O.V

When I woke up I heard Zayn talking to Lexi, and i knew he was trying to get her to like him.I had to get Lexi before anyone else could.''HELLO LEXI!" i screamed while giving her a quick kiss on the forhead.''Hey Lou'' she said ,her cheeks burning red. I needed to close to her,and get to know her better, so i thought i would take her out for some coffee.''Hey Lexi?'' ''Yeah?'' ''Would you like to go get some coffe with me this fine Tuesday morning?'' ''I would love to!'' she said with her beautiful smile shining bright.''Great, while were out we can go grad some clothes from you house.'' When i looked up i saw Zayns face filled with anger. I ran upstairs to grab some shoes and a beanie, and back down to see everyone awake and talking to Lexi.

''Ready to go?'' I said from the bottom step.''Mhm!'' ''Where you guys going?'' Liam asked with a confused yet mad look on his face.''Lexi and I are going to get some coffee, we'll be back soon.'' ''Alright, but no ''funny buisness, got it?'' Harry said while pionting at us, making Lexi giggle.

I then knew it was time to turn on the charm.

*******HEy Loves, how you like this chapter?? Sorry its so short!!! Ill post another one later. Give me some suggestions and i might put them in the story! Thanks for reading !! Please get people to read! Love you!



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