HI Im Lexi And this is my first FanFic..............tell mme what you think ! HOpe you Like It!!!
Lexi was normal girl in school with awesome friends but when she was home it was a different story......When she was 14 her parents died in car accident and was forced to live with her drunk abusive uncle. She was sick of it and had to run away and when she did she met the guys of her Dreams ...............One Direction. When all of them fall for her she has to make a desision! Which one will she choose?


1. Getting Ready!

Lexis P.O.V

"Beep,Beep,Beep!" I woke to my phone going off ."Hello," I say trying to wake up, "Hey Lexi, You still coming to my house today?"I look at my phone to see who it was , it was Shelby my best friend since 6th garde."oh yeah, let me try to get out of here with out dave seeing me, and ill call you back when i get to your street," "K, Byee!' she said before hanging up. I check the clock, 10:13. I packed a bag and changed into some jean shorts, a Keep Calm and Carry On t-shirt ,and a pair of sperrys.I grab my bag an dput it on my back while walking down the stairs. When i reach the bottom step and looked for Dave, My abusive, achoholic uncle that i was forced to live with when my parents died in a car reck when i was 14. I didnt see him so i treid to sneak to the frount door ,but i tripped over my shoelace and looked up to see Dave, and with my luck a beer in his hand.


*** Hey im Lexi And this is my first Fanfic tell me what you think!!Sorry for such a short chapter . Most Chapters wont be very long but ill try to post a few every other day!! Thanks Babes(what i will be calling my readers!!)

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