Meeting Niall

This story is about how a girl meet One direction because of her fanfiction story. When she goes to school one day she gets a big surprise.... But after meeting Niall the surprise gets BIGGER
Hope you like it !!!


1. The big surprise

"Emily, wake up you have to go to school in a little bit"My nana said, yanking the blankets off of me.
"But Nana I'm tired" i complained, while reaching for the blankets, but failed miserably.
"Well no one told you to stay up all night looking at One Direction pictures and videos, now get up" she said playfully smacking my leg.
"Well no one told them to be so sexy."
"Hurry up and get ready, we still need to pick up The twins."
"Nana, Claudia and Julia aren't twins. Julia is a year older then Claudia."
"But they look the same."
With that my Nana left, closing my door. I finally decided to get up because she took the blankets with her and i started to get cold. I walked to my closet, and stood there for about two minutes looking for something to wear. I finally decided to go with a plain blue shirt and pants because it was cold outside. I put my sweatshirt and my socks on, then walked to the kitchen.
"Emily what takes you so long to get dress, its already 7:50" My nana said.
"I didn't know what to wear" i mumbled, hoping she didn't here me.
Dang it! She heard me.
"Your going to school Emily, not a fashion show."
"Hey you never know, they could have one or one direction could come-"
"Out of all the places in the world, why would the come to Round Rock,Tx, and to your school?"
"It could happen."
I grabbed myself something small to eat, then went to my room to grab my stuff. Nana and i went to the car, and got in. We drove to Claudia and Julia's house to pick them up for school.
"Good morning girls"My nana said, as they got in the car.
"Good morning" they both said in unison. I think its funny when they do that on accident.
"Oh, Emily i just finished my book-" Claudia said, but i cut her off by asking her what book she just finished. She reads five books a day, ok maybe I'm over reacting, but still. " Oh Im reading Burn mark, and it is really good, you should read it."
"Haha ok" I laughed.
On the ride to school( which was a ten minute drive) Claudia told us about her book. She enjoys telling us about her books, and i don't know why she does when she know we will read it, eventually. We finally get to the school, and there was a giant crowd over by the front doors. It usually gets like that when people come early and the doors are locked. When we get out thats when i hear the screams.
"Why are they screaming for" Julia asked, moving closer to the crowd. "Oh My Gosh, Emily you are not going to believe this!"
"What is it?" I asked curiously.
"It's not what is it, its who is it?"
"What do you mean?"
"Emily just get over here" Julia said.
"Where Claudia ?"
"She is in the crowd, she pretty much knocked out everyone that was in her way."
"Why would she do that?"
"You will see, once you get over here."
I followed Julia as she pushed everyone out of her way. She pushed this girl out of the way, making her bump into someone else.
"Julia, come down-"
Once i saw what we were heading for i nearly peed my pants. Now i know why her and Claudia were knocking people away. This made me push this one girl out of the way, until i was at the very front.
"Oh my gosh" i whispered, falling to my knees. Before i could get up i felt someone's arm wrap around me to help pull me up. When i looked at the person i almost feel again.
"You ok love?" I cant believe it, Niall has his arms around ME!
"Uh-what, yeah, yeah I'm-im ok, i just feel a little dizzy thats all" I lied, trying to pull myself up.
"Here let me help you" he said, pulling me up. He helped me walk inside the building. Claudia, Julia, and the rest of the One direction boys can trailing behind us.
"Hey, what's your name?" I heard Harry ask, i looked around to see he was talking to Julia.
"Me? Oh- Im, Julia" She said reaching out her hand.
"Nice to meet you."
"And your name?" Niall said, bringing me back to looking at him.
"Im, E-Emily" I said.
"Thats a beautiful name."
"So are you- i mean so is your name."
I quickly looked away, hoping he wouldn't see my face turn into a bright shade of red. From behind me i can hear Julia and Harry whispering to each other. Liam and Claudia are really quite and Louis and Zayn are at the front doors trying to keep the girls out until we are safe in a room.
"So, uh-what's your name?" I heard Liam ask.
"Claudia" she said a little to excitedly.
"Umm,not to be rude or anything, but why are y'all here at our school?" Julia asked.
"Well a lot of our fans write fan fiction stories, and the best one that we found goes to this place" Harry replied.
"Oh really, by who?" I chimed in.
"By a girl named, Emily-wait is that you?" Niall asked me, stopping in the middle of the hallway.
"I don't know, whats her last name" i asked, raising my eyebrow.
I didn't reply right away instead i stayed quite,until i hear Claudia say. " Hey thats you Emily!"
I quickly turned to look at Claudia, and as i was going to tell her something Niall pulled my face to his and said. "Thats you?"
"Y-yeah" i said.
"Well, thats just scary" Louis' said as he caught up to us.
"What? Me ?" I freaked out.
"No! Haha, its just freaky that out of everyone 'you' were the one who stood out, and 'you' were the one that didn't feel good, and i decided to help you even though i still needed to look for the writer" Niall said.
"Wow , that is scary" Julia said.
Out of all the writers, why was mine chosen? Out of all the people, why me ? I began to feel a little dizzy, which made me stumble into Niall.
"Whoa, you ok?" He asked." Maybe we should sit you down."
We walked to the nearest classroom, with the boys and my friends following us. Before Zayn closed the door he asked me if i wanted water to help seize the dizziness.
"Um- yeah, thanks" I said, sitting in the chair next to me. I laid my head down on the desk hoping it would feel better.
"So what do you like to do in your free time?" Harry asked Julia.
"We'll i love to draw, sing, listen to music, write stories-"
She stopped talking when she saw that Harry looked at her in amazement. "You write stories?"
"Yeah?" She said more as a question.
"What kind?"
"Romance, action, and i also write fan fiction about you guys, just like Emily does, here i have a look" she took out her iPod and went to her notes to show Harry her stories. Harry sat there reading her stories for about ten minutes;She had wrote three unfinished books.
"Wow, those are good. How come there not finished?" He asked.
"I procrastinate a lot" she said with a laugh.
"Haha wow."
Harry and Julia went off to the far side of the classroom, so she can write more to her stories. Liam was looking at Claudia, and she was reading. He looked like he wanted to talk to her, so i decided to help.
"Hey Claudia, who is your favorite One Direction guy?" I asked, knowing she was to into her book to remember that he was sitting right next to her.
"You know who it is" she said, turning the page. " my favorite guy is Liam, of course, and Julia's is Harry, and yours-yours,Niall ."
Darn it Claudia!
"Really?" Niall asked.
"Yeah..." My face turned into a bright shade of red.
"Claudia?" Thank you Liam, he was getting Claudia's attention, and when she looked up she nearly dropped her book.
"What- how- Ugh! I didn't think y'all were actually here!" She said, looking from Liam to Louis to Niall to Zayn( who just came back from getting me water) to Harry and then back to Liam. "Ugh! Emily is that why you asked me that ?"
"Maybe" I smiled.
Thank you, Liam said to me, so Claudia couldn't hear.i gave him a smile, and then looked at Julia and Harry.They looked like they were in a deep conversation.
"I-Uh" Niall mumbled." I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?"
Is he asking me out ? What do i say ?
"Umm, sure" I said. Niall grabbed my hand in excitement and said.
"Really ? Your not just saying that are you?" He asked, slowly coming down.
"Of course not! Why would you think that ?" I asked.
"Because most girls just wanted to date me for the fame, thats why i don't have a girlfriend."
Why would someone do that ? I asked myself

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