Meeting Niall

This story is about how a girl meet One direction because of her fanfiction story. When she goes to school one day she gets a big surprise.... But after meeting Niall the surprise gets BIGGER
Hope you like it !!!


4. Surprise

I walked out on the deck of the farrie to meet rest of the boys and my friends. Niall was walking beside me hand in hand, looking around London; he probably misses his family out in Ireland.I looked at Niall, he looked sad.

"Niall is everything alright?" I asked.

"What? oh yeah" He replied.

"You sure?"

"Umm no"

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Now, umm how about when we are alone?"


We walked up to the top deck where they had a small diner, it was amazing and cute. I saw my friends sitting in the far back, but I couldnt see the boys anywhere. I looked up at Niall and instead of seeing a surprised look i saw a smile planted one his face showing his perfect teeth.

"Where's the boy's?" I asked.

"Oh umm i dont know? Ill go look for them." he replied with a smile.


I walked to the table to sit with my friends, they looked at me with joker smiles( creepy). They were hidding something and i want to find out.

"Hey Claudia, whats up?" i knew she couldnt keep a secret.

"Oh nothing" Julia replied instead.

"So Claudia why are you smiling like that, its kinda creepy" that will make her crack.


 She had her mouth covered, Crap.

Before I could ask her another question i hear my favorite song being played, "Litttle things". Zayn sings his part and then laim. louis comes next them Harry. Where's Niall?

And thne i hear him, this is my favorite part out of the song.

"Youll never love yourself half as much as I love you, you'll never treat yourself right, darling but i want you to. If i let you know im here for you maybe you'll love yourself like i love you, oh." After singing his part he got down on one knee and pulled out a box, What is he doing? oh my gosh oh my gosh.

"Emily Morganne Weaver, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?"

This can not be happening, this has to be a dream. Wake up Emily, wake up!

"Emily?" Niall asked.

"Y-Yes!" I said through tears.

The crowd in the diner cheered for Niall and me. I looked at Julia and claudia and notied that i wasnt the onyl one geetting a surprise. They were also crying, Julia jumped into Harry's arms and claudia did the same with Liam.

Today was full of surprises. By looking at Niall i knew this wasnt the only surprise today. He looked at me with a smile and the boys did the same as they walked out of the diner like ninjas, which was an epic fail.  

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