Meeting Niall

This story is about how a girl meet One direction because of her fanfiction story. When she goes to school one day she gets a big surprise.... But after meeting Niall the surprise gets BIGGER
Hope you like it !!!


2. Paparazzi

After sitting and talking for about an hour, a teacher comes in to let us know that we have to get to class already. Niall walked me out of the class,and instead of walking to my next class he sneaks me out through the side door. The boys; including Julia and Claudia are trailing behind us.
"Guys get up, there they are!" One guy said, hopping out of a van.
"Who are those girls?" Another guy asked.
"Niall?" I asked, holding tighter onto him.
"It's ok, we just need to ignore them, or umm i don't know." He said, slowing his pace.
"How do you ignore paparazzi?" Zayn asked.
"Simple, all you have to do is distract them with something that they are interested in" Louis' said, showing a mischievous smile.
"How are you going to do that?" Julia asked.
"Ill get behind that bush, change into my superman costume, sneak over to the van,and surprise attack them with-with my awesome dancing!" He whispered excitedly.
"Well you better hurry up superman because they are almost here" Julia said sarcastically, slowly forming a smile.
"Ba-da-ba-de-ba do, here i go!" Louis said, running to the bush.
"Come on guys, lets go" Harry said, grabbing Julia's hand.
"Um exactly where are we going?" Claudia asked.
"To our place" Liam said.
We ran to the back of the school, which felt like an hour run. Niall got into the bands bus, me trailing behind him. When everyone jumped into the bus, we sat on the floor of the bus. We waited almost two hours for Louis; he came in with a smile plastered onto his face.
"Why are you smiling like that?" Harry said, while making a funny face.
"It's a long story- actually its short, but I'm to lazy and tired to tell y'all, I'm heading to bed" Louis said. He walked to the back of the bus, where the beds were located, with the smile still planted on his face.
Once he was gone Harry was the one to speak up. "So, Who wants to drive ?" He asked.
"I guess i will, i dont have any thing to do anyway" Liam said sadly looking at Claudia.
"No ill drive" Zayn said already sitting in the drivers seat.
I looked at Claudia and noticed she was sitting against the wall reading. Poor Liam, he just wants he attention. I look to Julia for help, but she is busy talking to Harry, so i get her attention by coughing. She looked up to be and saw what i was looking at, she looked to Claudia and began shaking her head. She took Claudia's book away from her and dat on it.
"Hey!" She complained.
"Claudia why are you reading? You are sitting next to Liam Payne !"she said.
" i keep forgetting his here, i cant believe out of all the schools,why here?" She answered with a question.
"I wonder the same thing" i said.
Julia yawn's" Im tired, i didn't get enough sleep last night"
"Same here" i agreed.
"We're can we sleep?" Julia asked Harry.
"We only have two sets of bunk beds with two on each, and the fifth bed is in the way back of the bus which is also known as my room." He said with a smile.
"How about the girls sleep in your room" Liam suggested.
"Where would i sleep?" Harry asked.
"You can also sleep in your room- quit smiling because your sleeping on the floor."
While Liam and Harry we decided where Harry should sleep Julia,Claudia, and i snuck of to Harry's room.
Harry had a bed big enough for us; we laid down sleepy, even though it was around noon already. Claudia was the first to fall asleep, then Julia, i soon fell asleep after.
I quickly wake up to a loud thump; i looked at the window and saw a hunched shadow slowly getting up. I looked out the window and noticed the bus had stopped, Zayn must be asleep. The figure slowly comes to the bed with something in there hand.
"Smile Harry Styles" the voice said reaching for the lamp soon as the light came one the person who was standing was a paparazzi holding a camera. Julia quickly woke up and began to scream, Harry jumped up from the floor with a pillow in his arms.
"Freeze!" He said, holding the pillow as a gun.
The guy to a picture of my friends and i, and then one of Harry's. After taking the picture he ran to the window and jumped out.
Harry came and sat next to Julia trying to calm her down. She fell asleep in his arms a few minutes later. I looked to Harry and asked him about the paparazzi.
"They are always finding us and sneaking in" he said angrily.
"Are you use to it?" I asked, laying back down.
"No, i haven't." He said, putting Julia down and turning the light off. I can hear him walk to where he was sleeping.
"Im sorry."
"You don't have to apologize, you didn't do anything."
"I know, but i feel like i do."
"Thats nice, well we should get to sleep, night."
"Night sweet dreams"
I slowly drifted off to sleep
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