Meeting Niall

This story is about how a girl meet One direction because of her fanfiction story. When she goes to school one day she gets a big surprise.... But after meeting Niall the surprise gets BIGGER
Hope you like it !!!


6. Nando's

After walking for an other thirty minutes,we finally make it to Niall's favorite resturant.Nando's. It has been really great spending time with Niall, and it just gets better and better. We walked into Nando's to see a crowd of people, when i fully looked at them they werent regular people.Their backs were turned to us so the couldnt see me and Niall sneak into the bathroom.


"They just never stop!" he said a little to loudly.


"Niall, its ok we will stay in here until they leave" I said, walking to the door and locking it.


"Its not ok, today was suppose to be special." he replied


"Niall its fine look where we'er at, it may be the bathroom but we're alone right?"


"Well yea, your right. So what are we going to do while we wait for the paparazzi to die down?"


"I have an idea.."


I walked up to Niall and grabbed his hands. I looked into his beautiful light blue eyes as he stared back down at me. He looked down at my lips, moving closer. I closed my eyes and leaned closer into him to meet his lips...


"Hey, open up !" A familar voice yelled from behind the locked door.   


"Niall we know your in there you can come out now!" another familar voice yelled.


Niall went to the door and unlocked it. The door swung open nearly knocking Niall to the floor. Harry,Julia,and Zayn walked into the restroom with a smile planted on there face.


"Hey guys" Harry said seductivly


I could feel my checks burning with embarrassment.


"Heeyy Emily?" Julia asked with a smile.


I ignored her and walked out of the restroom. I sat at an empty table hoping to finally get something to eat.



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