Meeting Niall

This story is about how a girl meet One direction because of her fanfiction story. When she goes to school one day she gets a big surprise.... But after meeting Niall the surprise gets BIGGER
Hope you like it !!!


5. A walk around London

We walked out of the diner following the boys and just to make things fun we also walked out like Ninjas, which was also an epic fail. When were out of the diner we stoped on our tracks, the ferrie finally made it to to the dock. We were getting surprises today.

"This is beautiful" Julia said in amazment.

"I know right" Harry replied. " Lets go for a walk."

"Alright" Harry and Julia walked off the deck and walked somewhere.

Claudia also walked of the deck with Liam, leaving me behind with the boys. Zayne and Louis left feeling the akwardnees growing.

"Emily? do you want to go fo a walk?" Niall asked.

"Is it ok if we get something to eat on the way?" I asked, feeling my stomach growl.

"You know it" he said in a cheerful irish voice.

We walked off the deck, and started walking to the right. He showed me all of his favorite places to go when he is feeling down.

"Down?" I asked.

"Yea, I love being in London but i miss Ireland and my family. I mean i do visit them, but i hardly do" He replied.


"Now i have a wonderful fiance."

I alsmost fainted when he called me his fiance, I really need to wake up now.

We walked on emore block until we got the where Niall wnated us to eat at. It was Nando's! I cant belive it i get to eat at Nando's.

"Nando's?" I asked.

"Yeah, you have to try the food here, its AMAZING!" he said in excitement.

"Ha well what are we doing standing out here?" i smiled.

" Your right, lets go in."

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