Daisy James is an ordinary girl who has dreams of going places just like any other 18 year old who just graduated High School. What happens when her trip of a lifetime has a small.... detour


6. what should we do now?

Ok, we landed, heard some British accents, and realized that the whole situation wasn't a bad dream. It's a real life nightmare. "ok what do we do now?... I suggest we hit the clubs.. I heard there are good ones in London. A lot of hot guys too." Brooklyn said with a happy expression on her face. Of course she would be totally fine in this situation. "ok, I promise we will go to A club. Just not now." I said trying to get that thought out of her head. "ok." she said. We walked over to the assistance desk. I wanted to try to get a ticket either back to California or a ticket to Africa.  But that's when I remembered that we don't have enough money for a plane ticket anywhere. I guess we are stranded in London for the time being. Maybe we can get a job until we an get a ticket out of here. Where are we going to sleep!?? Oh well, I guess we will be wandering the streets of London. It'll be an adventure right? "come on, let's go." I said to Brooklyn. "ok" she said. That's when we made or way into the busy streets of London in the middle of the night. By ourselves.


And that my friends is where the story really begins.


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