Daisy James is an ordinary girl who has dreams of going places just like any other 18 year old who just graduated High School. What happens when her trip of a lifetime has a small.... detour


8. well that went well...

**(Liam's P.O.V)**

I heard the most beautiful voice say hi. I looked up and saw the most beautiful face. She had dark brown hair. And these eyes. At one angle they were blue. At another angle they were a light green. And at another angle they were almost grey. Her skin was perfect. And she looked to be about 5'6. Let's just say to me... she was an angel. I don't know why I'm thinking like this. She would never go for a guy like me. I guess I was just wishing. Oh well..." umm...hello?" she asked. Crap. I was so caught up in my thoughts. She probably thinks I'm a retard now. "umm... oh yea! Hey." I replied. Real smooth Liam. Real smooth. "my friend and I noticed that you were in quite a situation here... would you like any help?" she said. Gosh she was hot. "well... if I could use your phone that would be perfect." " mine is dead. But my friend here has one. Brooklyn! Let hmmm.. what's your name?" "Liam," I replied. "Let Liam use your phone please." She said. "w-what... oh yea! Sure." She said she seemed to be in a daze. She was looking at... Louis. Hmmm... someone got a crush. I don't know why I'm saying that. I've got a pretty big crush right now. Anyways. I used umm.. Brooklyn is that her name? Well what's her face to call our manager Paul. After I called him I gave that girl her phone back. "thanks." I said. "mmhhmm." She answered. She and Louis couldn't keep their eyes of each other. It was kind of Awkward until I thought of something. "hey if you give me your number after you charge your phone maybe we could maybe meet up somewhere and hang out." I suggested, "Sure that would be fun." " She answered. I gave her my phone and she put her number in there. Right after that.. Paul pulled up. "well, that's us." I said. "it was nice meeting you." She said. "you too, both of you." I answered. Louis being his drunk self blew Brooklyn a sloppy kiss and stumbled into the car. Brooklyn just giggled


"hmmm...that went well." I muttered.





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