Daisy James is an ordinary girl who has dreams of going places just like any other 18 year old who just graduated High School. What happens when her trip of a lifetime has a small.... detour


11. **NOTE**

Ok, for anyone that has been reading this story, I am SO...SO...SO...SORRY that I haven't updated in forever. I have been SUPER busy with Midterms, and dance, and babysitting, and parties, and life in general that I haven't been able to update. So, I am going to make up for it. I am going to be updating 3 chapters in the next week. also, I am going to be having a contest. You have to create a character and Whichever I like best will be put into the story. so, here are the requirements.


Must be female

must be between the ages of 17- 20

that's basically it. leave her character description in the comments.

AND her back story.

AND which boy of 1D you would like her to be with. I may not keep her with that member but there is a chance.

       Thanx! xoxoxo







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