Daisy James is an ordinary girl who has dreams of going places just like any other 18 year old who just graduated High School. What happens when her trip of a lifetime has a small.... detour


9. I'm just a wuss.

*(Brooklyn's P.O.V)*

It's been abot a week since we met those boys outside of the club. I don't think Daisy has talked to that guy that had to use my phone lately. I think that they are all actractive, but Louis... is Sooo hot. It's hard npt to think about him like all of the time. I honestly miss him. When he blew me that kiss... oh wait! why am I thinking like it meant something? He was drunk out of his mind! I guess I was just wishing. Hmmm... why must reality be so depressing?

*(Daisy's P.O.V.)*

I still have Liam's number in my contacts. Speaking of.. I haven't even looked at it. I went to my contacts and found the "L" section which wasn't very long. Then I found this That sexy beast Liam as his contact name. That Cheeky little boy. Hmm...Whenever I build up the nerves to talk to him, I'll have to tell him off about that. Even though I was so annoyed at him.. I didn't change the contact name.


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