Trip to Love

Gweth is a normal teenager. She's quite popular with the guys though, but she secretly crushes on her best friend Audrey's boyfriend Harry. They text night and day but can't talk in person. One day, her friends decide to go on a trip including Harry.Things change really fast. But does her life fall apart? Read to find out. No hate please.


9. Unexpected

Gweth's POV

I closed my eyes and sighed. How could he? I thought he loved me? "Babe, so when are we doing it?" "Doing what?" "The favor." "Do I have to?" "Should I tell Audrey?" "Why are you doing this to me?" "Well, cause I want to" "You don't love me." "Of course not." he said laughing. I knew it. No one does. I'm not loved anyway. "I'll do it but only as long as you don't tell her." I said. "I won't" "When do you wanna get it over with?" "Now" "Bu--" "Shut up and get ready."he said. Saying that, he left. "Alex!" I said, running after him. "What now?" he said disgusted. "I need to talk to someone before we start. Could you give me 5 minutes?" "Yeah, do it fast!" I needed to talk to Audrey. It's been a while.  "Audrey?" I said going inside her tent. "She isn't here" someone said. I turned around to see Harry. "Ok." I said. I was about to leave when he stopped me. "What?" I said trying not to look at his cute face. I knew I couldn't get him. I needed to get over him. The almost-was-gonna-happen kiss was just a mistake. "Come closer" he whispered into my ear. When he spoke, Fireworks burst in my body. "Harry, I need to go" I said still not trying to look in his eyes. He grabbed my arm. I pushed him and walked to my tent. "Wait!" he said in his most cutest voice. I went back to my tent and he followed. "Harry, you see I need to ge--" Before I could say anything else, he smashed his lips onto mine. His lips were soft and sweet. He slipped his hand over my waist and pulled me closer. I put my arms around his neck and he put his other hand on my bum. We kissed and it felt like hours. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I couldn't resist. We pulled apart and I kept staring at his gorgeous green eyes. "I need to tell you something, Gweth." "Ok, Go on." "I always fe--" before he could finish I slipped my finger onto his lips. Someone walked in. It was Audrey and Alex walking in hand-in-hand. 

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